Friday Fête: Stress and Shopping

Lately I feel like my life is a treadmill set on a pace that I can’t maintain! Work has been stressful lately. Is there a stronger word that covers stress? Thesaurus….



Okay, I think I’ve felt those. I had hoped to wrap up several loose ends before this weekend and then have just a few things on my plate next week before the holiday… but it’s not looking like I’m going to hit that sweet(er) spot. Oh well…

And a holiday! Nothing like a holiday getaway to add to stress levels, right? Okay, I don’t think it should be too stressful, but there is always an element of stress for me when traveling, especially when traveling with my kid. I’m not a good take-your-kid-anywhere-and-everywhere-parent. Plus we’re going to see my husband’s family, whom we haven’t spent a lot of Thanksgivings with so I don’t know what to look forward to. Probably pie, I guess. I always love sweet potatoes, but I don’t care what they are preparing that much. I am more looking forward to seeing my daughter interact with and play with cousins.

Oh well… at least I don’t have to deal with the stress of Black Friday! Because if there is anything that sounds absolutely terrible to me… it’s the thought of waiting in lines outside stores in the cold and battling through crowds just to save a couple hundred bucks on an electronics device. I’m sorry… I just can’t see that any kind of savings would be worth that torture.

In fact, the ONLY Black Friday sale that excites me, and it’s one I’ve been waiting on for months is the annual Skin Authority BOGO deal for Black Friday. I absolutely adore their Sunscreen Moisturizer. I reviewed a whole regimen from them earlier, some of the products have stuck as necessities in my life and that is one of them. I also am intrigued to try the detox mask. Or the calming mask. Their products are a little pricey, but they’re great quality and this BOGO stuff makes it a fantastic deal. I’d better decide soon… but fortunately their sale is a Black Friday THROUGH Cyber Monday.


Seriously, if you’re even at all contemplating any kind of upgrades to your skin care, check them out. Yes, in full disclosure I did just sign on to be an ambassador for them… but only because I LOVED LOVED LOVED the products. And I love that you can have a skin coach to ask questions and determine which products are the best for you and how to use them in tandem. And honestly, it feels good to be happy and excited about something after the month I’ve had thus far, even if it is a sale on beauty products. (And I’m not a girly-girl who hoards this stuff!)

Check out the Stocking Stuffer sampler, it’s only $25 and you get some great products, including the moisturizer I love.


But wait… there’s more! Get FREE shipping if you use this code: BEAUTY14-FREESHIP

Do you do the whole “Black Friday” scene? Do you have fun plans for the holiday? What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food item? The turkey, a side, dessert?

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  1. For Thanksgiving, here are things you can expect:) Lots and lots of good food. Not being stressed trying to decide what to cook. It will be cooked for you, how good is that? Alex getting to play with cousins. No work related stress, I hope. Whitaker family getting to see you and Kev and Alex. Yay. Noise. Sorry, that pretty much comes with 15 people but there are lots of hide a way places, inside and out. Games, You can retreat to your Mom’s when Alex needs a nap ( or you do)

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