Friday Fête

Lately I am obsessed with patterned pants for running. I want a pair… I actually ordered a pair from Fabletics that should be arriving sometime soon. I’ve seen that company advertised so much lately I finally caved and I’m going to check them out. There’s a part of me that thinks I can’t wear patterned workout pants… because I don’t have the right figure for them, I don’t have shirts to go with them, I might feel silly in them… all frivolous reasons that don’t really hold much weight.

Fabletics Lima Capri

This all kind of goes along with my total lack of style. I just feel like I need to shake things up and actually define my own style. Beyond sloppy telecommuter/runner.

I’ve started to pin some patterned pants that I’ve found and I will continue to do so. But here are a few recents:

1. These are patterned but not way too busy, they might be a good “gateway” pant!


2. These ones have subtle pattern/texture on the legs, but the color isn’t subtle at all!

3. Venturing into pattern and color here!

4. These are just flat-out called “crazy pants” – but they’re still black/white so matching a top to them wouldn’t be hard.

These are probably the most bold of all the pants I’ve found so far. I like that the model has enough sense to match her shoes to the pants. 😉

Thoughts on wild-pattern capris/tights? Do you already have some?


  1. 1/2 the time I look like a 4 year old girl dressed me – bad mismatched rainbow – but I love patterned tights. I think I’m trying to make up for the ratted out old race shirts I run in with some glam on the bottom. 🙂 I see Champion has some pretty cool ones at Target now too – but I’m cheap so I’m going to wait until they are on sale/clearance!

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