Fitting Fitness in Anywhere

I have been wearing a Garmin Vivofit since the spring. I like that I don’t have to charge it. I like that it is waterproof (can wear it in the pool!). I like that it has a screen that gives me feedback and shows me the time. I like that is adapts to how much movement you are getting to change your daily steps goal. The sleep tracking isn’t as good as my old Jawbone UP, but it is good enough. I don’t like having to wear it on my right wrist to make sure I get all my steps tracked because if it’s on my left wrist when I’m holding my kid, it doesn’t record anything. And one time toward the end of a 45 minute Surfset class, the little red indicators that show up when you’ve been idle too long appeared. So apparently that class motion wasn’t enough to satisfy the device.


The little red indicator lights are nice during my workday though, I glance down and notice them while I sit at my desk all day so I jump up to do something about them. It’s really easy to be too idle when you do computer work in your home office all day. Usually I will do some high knees or butt kicks in place for a minute and the red lines are gone. But it’s fun to incorporate other little bursts of activity into your day. The book Nano Workouts has lots of fun ideas.


From the office, to the kitchen, to the bathroom or bedroom… suggestions abound for ways to get in extra movement. Yes… the bathroom and the bedroom. Curious? In the bathroom they recommend upper arm stretches while you sit on the john, or leg stretches in the shower. And one of my go-to moves that makes my husband mock me, calf raises while I brush my teeth. The bedroom exercises aren’t what your dirty mind may guess. They are things like bridges and crunches on the bed, which seems silly to me. I’d rather get out of bed and do the bridge on the floor.


Office moves are fun, especially if you’re a telecommuter like me. You can take 30 seconds to a minute for chair dips. Or if you’re stuck on a call you can stand up and do some of the stretches.


It’s a cool little book, pretty small and fits easily in the desk drawer. Some of the moves will make you look ridiculous if you’re doing them around others. Unless you work in a very fitness-minded place and then maybe your colleagues will join in!


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