Friday Fête

I’m part of the Influenster program, where they periodically send me boxes full of stuff to share my thoughts/opinions on various products with my online communities. It’s usually pretty fun to get a box full of goodies, but this latest one was kind of strange to me. It was called the “Go” box, for members who live active lifestyles. (I run! That’s me!) But most of the contents didn’t really speak to me.


  • Blue Diamond Blueberry almonds… alright, I’ll try ’em. They smell like blueberry muffins. Taste a little like blueberry muffins.
  • A coupon for a free container of Muller greek yogurt… fair enough. I’ll take it.
  • A shaker bottle for mixing up powder drinks… cool!
  • Packets of weight loss drink… no thanks.
  • AquaSpa Relax bath salts… yes, I would like time to take a relaxing bath, when it’s not 100 degrees outside. Maybe I’ll take a cold bath, but they probably wouldn’t dissolve.
  • Playtex Sport tampons… I don’t even know how I would write about these. Anxiously await Aunt Flo’s arrival to write a review? No way. Plus I just don’t know what makes a feminine care product “sport” vs just everyday. And I don’t really care.
  • ProFoot orthotic inserts… I don’t do special insoles. I feel pretty strongly about building my own foot strength.
  • ProFoot Pedi Rock… YES! This was the best item in the box. It works really well! (I’ve mentioned before, I have a thing against dried out crusty feet!)

National Running Day is June 4 – Get out and run! Why do you run? This year I’m declaring that I run for myself… just to keep my own sanity!


Remember the Hatfield Strap I received a while back?  I got to ask the creator a few questions, hoping to enlighten me to it’s uses beyond plantar fasciitis. (Since I don’t have PF – KNOCK ON WOOD!)


— How was the strap conceived?
I personally suffer from plantar fasciitis and one of the main treatments is to stretch a great deal.  After purchasing everything on the market to stretch with I felt I was lacking the stretch I wanted in the bottom of my foot.  Looking at all of the other items like the night splints I wanted to pull the toes back like the night splints and flatten out the foot at the same time.  So bringing the strap behind the calf and under the foot accomplishes just that.

— It’s good for foot/calf stretching, but what other uses does it have?
The Hatfield Strap gives you potentially the best hamstring stretch you’ve ever had.  The hamstring stretch is just as effective as if someone else was pushing your leg up for you and you control the entire stretch from the timing to the tension.  The IT-band is very difficult to stretch, the Hatfield Strap really can stretch the IT-band like no other stretch can.  Anything that can benefit by stretching the calf and hamstring can benefit from the Hatfield Strap, low back pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, IT-band tendinitis, calf cramps, restless leg syndrome (where stretching the calves helps, not everyone with RLS benefits from stretching).

— Are there any tips/tricks on using the strap for getting a good stretch?
Stretching with your shoes off will give you the most effective stretch.  The Hatfield Strap puts all the control in the hands of the user.  You can stretch for just 30 seconds or hold the stretch for five minutes (that’s where the shoulder strap makes a big difference).  With the calf strap the strap needs to fit just right in order to be effective.  The Sit strap can be used by anyone without being measured for it, this is a big advantage, you can be stretching within seven seconds after someone hands you the Sit strap.

What are your weekend plans? I’ve got two 5K’s tomorrow. One in the morning, called “Blondes Have More Fun” and runners are encouraged to dress up as their favorite blonde… so I’m running as myself. I’m my favorite blonde! The other is the Foam Glow 5K at night, which I’m not as excited about because it sounds like it’s going to be a massive crowd. When they say the race starts at 8pm, but that you may not end up crossing the start line until after 9 due to the wave starts, that’s a little annoying to me! But it will be an experience and something to write about, right?


  1. The foam run does not sound like fun – crowds – yuck!

    I have had Muller Greek yogurt and it was fab – but it had some sort of candied almonds??? or other such confection to mix in with it. MMMMM dessert yogurt.

    And for the tampon thing – I actually tried some of those once because I couldn’t find my regular brand and was in an emergency situation. I didn’t find them particularly sporty or non-sporty for that matter. They definitely did not improve my hurdling ability (like the lady on the box). I’d have to say it’s totally a marketing gimmick.

    • Damn, my hurdling skills could use some improvement!

      Isn’t that the way it is for these things… you use what you’ve always used until you’re in a situation where you’re forced into another brand? Do people actually sit there and research the “latest tampon technology”?

    • I know! I’ve been in Rock’n’Roll races (both half and full) where I didn’t have to wait that long to cross the start. Sounds crazy!

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