Friday Fête

So… if you notice a few more advertisements on the site, it’s cause I’m running an experiment to see if I can generate a little more income by using the service Chitika. True, I get lots of free product to review. But I put in a lot of time on this site as well as paying for various fees associated with running it and if I can have a little more $$ to actually cover all the operating costs (or more!) that would be great. The thing is, I want to be forthright with the people who support me by actually reading my site. If you see something that is offensive or just flat-out annoying (or if an ad ever auto-plays some kind of sound! THE HORROR!) please let me know and I will stop it. I’m trying to not implement things that I find to be maddening.

They’re making a movie version of Jem and the Holograms? Live action? And I wasn’t cast as Pizzazz? My childhood dreams have just been destroyed. (Yes, I wanted to be the “villain” in the show!) I actually have no clue who any of the people are in the cast.

Pizzazz doll
I totally had the hideousness that is this doll when I was a kid.

I shared this on Facebook/Twitter earlier this week, but I see it getting passed around even more as the week goes on… Barbell Apparel (a Las Vegas company!) is running a Kickstarter for their jeans that are made for athletes. The video on their Kickstarter is a little misleading, as it looks like you’re supposed wear the jeans for working out… but they’re supposed to be regular everyday jeans that move with you and fit over your muscles.  I’m intrigued by them.

Barbell apparel jeans

I saw this little questionnaire on a couple of other blogs… they called it the TMI questionnaire or something like that. So I figured I’d answer it! This is a personal blog at its heart… so you may as well get to know me better, right?!

1. What are you wearing?

Running clothes… I’m dressed and ready to run!

2. Ever been in love?

Yes, of course!

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

No… I haven’t had many relationships get very serious because I always walked away before it could get deep enough to ever warrant a terrible blowout.

4. How tall are you?

5’5″ – but people always seem to think I’m smaller than that for some reason.

5. How much do you weigh?

I don’t discuss weight numbers. It can be triggering.

6. Any tattoos?

Yes, 2 of them. On the outside of my right ankle I have a sunflower (meaning: warmth, nourishment and longevity) and on the inside of my right ankle I have the Japanese Kanji for beauty and balance. I want more, but I’m undecided on precisely what I want.

7. Any piercings?

Two holes in each ear. I had 4 holes in my left ear, but 2 were pierced poorly and turned black. So I just let them close… but it took many years of stubbornness to finally give up on them. I wish I could get rid of the black!


8. Favorite song?

I think…. Float On by Modest Mouse

9. Quality you look for in a partner?

Personality (since it said quality… that’s singular so I can only list one!)

10. Favorite quote?

I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health. - Voltaire

11. Favorite actor?

Hmmm… I honestly don’t know.

12. Loud music or soft?

Loud. LOUD!!! I like being able to drive by myself and crank the music.

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?

Inside myself, which is not the healthiest.

14. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

What is “ready”? Most days I roll out of bed at 5:15 AM and go straight to work in my pajamas (in my home office). But if I’m going to get presentable, about 15 minutes. If I have to shower and dry my hair, about 40 minutes.

15. Every been in a physical fight?

No. The thought of that is very laughable.

16. Turn on?

Humor and nerds! Talk geeky to me!

17. Turn off?


18. Fears?


19. Last thing that made you cry?

What’s Wrong with Wyatt

20. Last time you said you loved someone?

This morning, as I said goodbye to my baby.

21. Meaning behind your YouTube name?

It’s the same thing as all of my social media, I think it’s pretty explanatory: Jill Will Run

22. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

A friend.

23. Favorite food?

Pizza, peanut m&m’s, mashed potatoes. Not all together.

24. Place you want to visit?


25. Do you have a crush?

Yep, on a couple of guys: Chris and Simon

Nerds #FTW

26. Last time you kissed someone?

This morning, as I said goodbye to my baby.

27. Last time you were insulted?

I don’t recall.

28. Favorite piece of jewelry?

Aside from my engagement ring… I have this groovy mesh ring from Tiffany and Co. that I love. I don’t wear it all that much because I’m afraid I’ll ruin it.

Tiffany and Co mesh ring

29. Who should answer these questions next?

Whoever wants to. On your blog, in your mind, whatever… feel free to answer some of them in the comments! 🙂


  1. Athlete jeans??? I’m intrigued! I have the WORST time finding jeans and pants (as does my husband) because of our strong legs. One time, I even went to the super expensive store since everyone else was finding jeans there that they loved. NOTHING fit my legs, and the salespeople said something snarky about “Our jeans are cut for a European fit”. I snapped out something about how my legs could get me up a mountain on a bike, and have never darkened their door again.

    But I’d kind of love to try a skinny jean, except none of them fit me!

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