My 4th Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a service that sends you a box of 5 items, hand-picked by a stylist based on information you provide when signing up, as well as feedback you provide after each fix. The more Fixes you get, the more they learn about what you like/dislike and what works for your life.

I got my 4th Stitch Fix at the end of last week. I specifically asked that they provide clothes that will work as the temperature rises here in Las Vegas. I also marked to not receive accessories in the boxes anymore before this one came. Overall, I was pretty happy with this box!

Lily Cheyanne Cross-Front top – $64
I liked this top. There were some wrinkles from it being packed into the box, but I think those will loosen up some. I also like that it’s a knit material so it’s easier to care for than dry-clean only, the neckline isn’t so low that toddler hands are going to pull it down to reveal too much and the color is great.
Verdict: Keep

C. Luce Paltrow Lace Overlay Tank – $78
I liked the color and style of this top, I like that the lace isn’t too dainty/flowery/frilly. According to my stylist the top is “fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom.” The problem was that it wasn’t fitted at the top. The arm holes were much too big, revealing my bra underneath. I had a brief moment where I thought I could tailor it or even bring the arms up a bit myself, but then I realized that I wouldn’t take that time and I didn’t want to risk ruining a top with experimental sewing on my own.
Verdict: Send back

Daniel Rainn Barcelona Short Sleeve Blouse – $68
Another great color and a nice style that can feel casual, but also be dressed up. And yet another top with armholes that are much too big. The whole top overall just felt a little too billowy. After a couple of tops that were so loose, I thought maybe I need to refine my size info on the site, but the last item in this fix fits so well that I think that change would mess up things like that.
Verdict: Send Back


Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend Short – $68
Included in the previous picture, but I’ll add an additional one… new shorts. I like the shade of the shorts and I like that they will get a lot of mileage throughout the summer. I wear pants so very little in the summers here. (Shorts or skirts/dresses… I don’t just walk around pant-less!)
Verdict: Keep


Pomelo Carissa Striped Fit & Flare Dress – $64
This was probably my favorite item in the box! I just love the dress! The only thing that would improve it is if it had pockets. (I’m going to see if I can find time to experiment with this tutorial on adding pockets to a cheaper skirt. If it works, I may adapt this dress!)
Verdict: Keep



I signed up for another fix to arrive in mid June, I’m kind of hooked on this concept! I also changed my price preferences for the next one to “the cheaper the better” to see how that changes the contents!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, please sign up using my referral link... I get a credit and that makes me happy!


  1. My last fix was a total loser. I only kept one thing. Didn’t even have it in me to send my stylist detailed feedback. All I could muster was “This fix was totally off.” I kinda feel bad because my girl usually does a good job. Still addicted, though, and looking forward to next month 🙂

    • It’s kind of like that, but Birchbox is just a “subscribe and get what you get” service. Stitch Fix allows you to schedule a fix every month, or at certain times that work best for you. The box contains items custom picked for each customer. It’s awesome!

  2. Ok… I had my first stitch recently. The stuff was half-cute but $44-48 for a polyester shirt? Overpriced IMO (and yes I had gone with the “cheaper the better” option). I had also requested corporate-appropriate skinny pants and they sent spandex… Fail. I do like those shorts you are keeping though!

    • Spandex is ALWAYS appropriate! 😉

      $44-48 for polyester does seem high to me too. Interesting… I guess I’ll see what I get with my “cheaper the better” option. I have been on the $50-100 range and the quality has always been good… but a lot of dry-clean only which is a bit of a bummer cause I don’t have time for that and I have a toddler who routinely wipes banana or other foods on me. I need easy care! 🙂

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