No Foolin’

You gotta be careful posting anything on April 1. I didn’t want to put up any kind of review for folks who have kindly sent me things… lest someone interpret the review as a joke. But I can’t do anything really “heavy” and “personal” on this ridiculous day where everything is questioned. I’m not a big prankster… I don’t pull April Fools jokes. I do appreciate seeing what Google is doing each year, but that’s about the extent of this day for me. Once at work we changed the entire website for the day… it was quite the undertaking that required working in the middle of the night to accomplish the surprise, and some people still didn’t realize it was a joke and got angry.

I have another blog, I don’t really post on it these days. I still love that blog… even if it’s mostly a ghost town now, I should print all the stuff I wrote on there. It would be a massive book. On that site I had a big list of “Things to do Before I Turn 30” and I chronicled all the tasks as I checked them off. After I finished my list I decided I should start a list of things to do before I turn 40. I recently rediscovered that post…  I’ve wasted nearly 6 years of the time I could have been working on this crap, fortunately I never really fleshed that plan out so there’s no failure here. Let’s take a look at the ones I came up with back then, shall we?

  • Dye my hair a dramatically different color.
    I meant dark on this one. That’s a terrifying thought to me! I’m contemplating dying my hair a lighter shade of blonde now, I have the hair dye in my house and its mere presence scares me! I’m just worried that if I do something radically different, then I’m stuck dying it forever because who wants skunky roots as it grows out? And I have no grays yet (knock on wood) so why not just embrace my natural color?
  • Complete an ultramarathon
    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Honestly, I can’t even think about how that would be possible at this time or until Alex is a lot more self-sufficient. All you ladies who can do marathons/ultras with tiny tots, I salute you. It’s not possible for me.

    Cedar Canyon Trailhead
    I ran at elevation over the weekend, that’s almost an ultra… or not.
  • Visit New York City
    I’ve never been here, it’s supposedly awesome. Maybe I would see a Broadway play… or go see The Tonight Show since it moved back to the city. I could be a total tourist. I guess I just wanted to experience the city.
  • Leave the continent
    I went to France & England in 2001 and enjoyed that a lot, I think it would be fun to explore somewhere new. (I’ve always wanted to visit Greece.) Although, now that I have a kid I really don’t want to take her abroad at such a young age (I’m really not a good mommy-traveler) and I don’t want to leave her behind for a couple of weeks.
  • Find my feel-good weight
    Hey, I think I did this one… I’ve figured out where my body needs to be operate properly and I’m not terribly dissatisfied with that number either. CHECK!

So maybe I should come up with some new ‘before 40’ things. I’m thinking: buy some article of clothing that is really outside my comfort zone and actually wear it! (Leather pants! Bustier! Stiletto heels! Not all together… or maybe no way to a couple of those.) Or try eating bugs. Or bungee jump.

What’s the next big “age milestone” for you and do you have any things you’d like to do before that?


    • Yep, you need to make a “before 30” list then! The career stuff is great. When I made my “before 30” list I had it broken down into categories with 4 goals in each one. Categories like “fitness/health” and “self-care” and “career” and such. It was a BIG list! LOL!

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