– Cute new workout clothes!

Have you ever heard of Honestly, I wasn’t that familiar with the site before they reached out to me, I had heard of their sister site,, but since I don’t swim I had never thought much about the site. But yoga… that I can get behind! I love yoga and I really should do more of it. I used to do it several times a week… my arms were super cut from that! These days I’m lucky to get in once a week, but I’m trying. It’s better than a couple of months ago when I was still doing it… never!

Anyway, they reached out to me and offered me a $50 gift card to the site to help celebrate the launch of their new web site design. Being the frugal shopper that I am, I wanted to maximize that gift certificate! I searched high and low on the site, found several items I thought I would want but learned that many pieces were only available in size L or up. But I kept scouring and managed to buy two things and went .90 over my $50 gift card! Pretty good shopping, I’d say!

I got a New Balance Women’s Hybrid Running Tank and Cozy Orange Libra Shorts. Even though the tank says it is a running tank, I really bought it with yoga/barre in mind. If I were to wear it running, I would want to wear a sports bra with it despite the built-in shelf bra. The shorts are also something I bought for yoga/barre practice at home. And I’m really happy with what I got! outfit

The tank has nice details, cute seaming and ruching on the sides that is flattering!

yogaoutlet-outfit-details offers:

  • Free shipping on orders $49+
  • Free 1-2 day shipping on orders $99+
  • Easy returns
  • Low price guarantee
  • Gift cards
  • Mobile shopping

It’s a pretty slick site and I’m thinking I might order some grippy socks from them. (For Barre classes in a studio… I am loving barre, I need to try all the barre studios here in Vegas! I’ll write more about this new love some other time!) And this tank is cute. And I’m digging these leggings. And these leggings are awesome. But I would never wear these pants.

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Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. Cute tank! I just started practicing yoga, so this is perfect! Probably bad news for my wallet, though… I really don’t need to buy more workout clothes -_- But it’s so hard to resist comfy and cute yoga clothes!

    • I hate that! It’s kind of hard to shop sometimes. I really don’t trust things that go through retail sections of sites like Groupon! They usually say “We’ve got this fabulous deal!” and it’s the same price it retails for on Amazon. Or worse, it’s a copy/knockoff.

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