Friday Fête (and a giveaway!)

I have today off work! Woo hoo!!! It’s insane how excited I was, I couldn’t sleep thinking about all the stuff I could do. There aren’t enough hours in the day, sadly. By 5:50 AM I had already gotten a big pot of quinoa cooked to make quinoa bites for the baby’s toddler’s lunch box and responded to a bunch of emails. Is this middle age? When you’re so excited to get mundane stuff done you anticipate it like it’s Christmas as a kid? LOL

I shared this “shocking Photoshop retouching” article on Twitter and FB… but it’s worth repeating here. It’s really good!

I received access to the new six-week Online Running Technique Course from Kinetic Revolution. I love the drills and exercises to help you improve your form. But I have to admit I struggle with the actual “run” portion of the program. I REALLY REALLY do not want to run for 20 seconds and then walk for 30 as I focus on the form drill for the day. So… I don’t. I just run and keep the drill in my mind. I’ve done two weeks of the program, but I’ve been thrown off on the schedule due to repeated sickness this winter. I’m looking forward to subsequent weeks though, I do think that the focus reminders are helpful to my form.

I was sent a pair of Pearl Izumi Flash shorts to test. Honestly, I pulled them out of the package and was a little scared that they were too short! But I pulled them on and they were super comfortable. And when I went for a run in them, I REALLY liked them, so comfy. They are cute, the waist band is super comfy and flattering and they have a cool zippered pocket on the back. They’re really well made and have nice design details, like the subtle texture on the side stripe. Great shorts!

Pearl Izumi Flash Running Shorts

They’re having a little game on their Facebook page where users can take a short quiz to get their alter ego. Mine was “Wrecking Balls to the Wall” which made me laugh, because that doesn’t seem like me. But whatevs… it’s still fun.


Giveaway Alert!!!

In that vein… if you want to take the quiz and Unleash your Alter Ego you can do so… and if you go to my Facebook page and post your results (tagging Pearl Izumi) or you can share them on Twitter and tag me as well as Pearl Izumi (@pearlizumi – @jillwillrun) you will be entered to win a pair of shorts from Pearl Izumi too. Yes, this is open to men and women…. guys would get mens shorts!  So take the quiz and share your results with me by Wednesday March 19. Good luck!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


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