BSX Athletics Awesome Kickstarter Campaign

BSX AthleticsHow long ago did I meet the crew at BSX Athletics? It’s been a while… probably a year now! [Read the interview with me on their site] They introduced a pretty cool app called runBSX. I really liked the test that could tell you your target training zones and then it would alert you to speed up/slow down so you were in those zones for greater gains in training efficiency. But they closed down the app to focus on the real meat of what they’ve been developing and now it is getting SO SO CLOSE. They were kind enough to share a little information about their plans and how it could revolutionize how people train.

How would you describe BSX Athletics is one sentence?

We’re a sports technology company that combines real-life coaching and wearable technologies to help athletes train smarter not harder.

You guys launched a Kickstarter campaign today. Why Kickstarter and why now?

[For those of you who are overzealous, come back to the interview in a few minutes and view BSX’s Kickstarter page]

One of the primary reasons we chose a Kickstarter campaign is because we wanted to better connect with the endurance sports community to truly understand how we can enhance their lives and help them shatter personal records.

We’ve connected with a lot of local (Texas) athletes along the way who’ve helped take part in our validation studies. Their support has been truly awe-inspiring. We continue receiving emails from thrilled athletes in our community who have set new PRs after adjusting their training based on the data from their LT test. We’re hoping to extend that goodwill to triathletes, cyclists and runners all over who want to join us on this journey.

BSX sensor

As for the timing, we’ve come a long way by ourselves. From the miniaturization of the bench top device in 2010 (left) through multiple rounds of validation studies to the device you see on the right.  We’re almost there, but we need a little help from the endurance sports community to finalize further miniaturization and prepare for volume manufacturing so that we can start getting BSX Insight in people’s hands in the Fall of 2014.

What exactly does BSX Insight do?

BSX Insight is an all-in-one sensor that pairs with your sports watch to measure heart rate, pace/speed, cadence, calories and for the first time ever, your lactate threshold – all from a single device.

Unlike most activity trackers (think Fitbit), Insight goes beyond just passively tracking your activity to actively transforming it. Insight “looks inside” your muscle during exercise to measure real bio signals and determine how hard you’re actually working, compared with how hard you should be working. Through paired communication with your sports watch it lets you know, in real-time, whether to speed up, slow down, or even rest.  BSX Insight is best used both during training as well as on race day to help you finish your perfect race.

Who is BSX Insight for?

The device’s ability to measure lactate threshold non-invasively is its true differentiator and so in that respect endurance athletes who understand the importance their lactate threshold and the implications that has on their training will likely see the most initial benefit.

That said, because the device measures so many other performance metrics, we genuinely envision it to be a training tool that a relatively novice athlete can grow into as they transition from training to complete to training to compete.

How can Someone Show Support?

  1. Check out our Kickstarter page and consider contributing to our project.We have several pledge levels, each with big savings on great gear (Including up to $60 off retail price for the runner’s edition of Insight).  Every contribution brings us one step closer to our goal!
  1. Take just a minute to help us spread the word.
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I recently read an article about how taking on a GPS watch is like taking on a lover. (It’s a fun read… check it out. “If you are lucky enough to have a healthy relationship … err, GPS … then you already understand that these things are not surgically attached to you. Every once in a while, let out your hair and go alone.”) Well, I am about to add another member to my harem because I’m backing this project!

I really hope they succeed with this, not only does it sound fantastic but they’re just GOOD PEOPLE over there. Really, truly… I’ve been so impressed with all my interactions with them. If I am ever in Houston, TX… I’m showing up at their offices to give them a big high five!


  1. Jill –

    Thank you *SO MUCH* for hosting us on your blog and supporting our campaign.

    You’ve supported us from Day 1 and it’s truly been a pleasure to get to know you as we’ve progressed from runBSX to our all-in-one wearable sensor, BSX Insight.

    I’ve said it so much today that I don’t want it to start sounding cliché, but we could not make this journey without the help and support from the endurance community, especially friends like you!

    Thanks again,
    Ryan on behalf of teamBSX

  2. I’ve loved working with you guys! You are innovative, passionate and truly kind people! I’m so glad I got the chance to be involved in this journey!

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