Got any cheese?

Cause I’m about to bust open some whine…

Wine and cheese and grapes
I’m also fresh out of grapes… so those would be nice too.

The whole fam-damily got a nasty cold shortly after Alex and I got home from my mom’s wedding. It sucked. I feel like none of us have been that healthy for longer than a couple of weeks since the summer!

On Monday I went to Utah for work, just a day trip. I got up at 4 AM to drive there, sit in hours of meetings and come home, basically it was a 12-hour workday. And wouldn’t you know… on THE ONE DAY that I leave town Alex is sent home from school because she’s come down with pink eye. Fortunately my husband picked her up, took her to the doctor, got her medicine and everything. I typically go out of my way to not have to burden him with parenting tasks, especially during busy season (he’s a CPA). That’s stupid though, he’s the parent too… he should have get to parent sometimes! And I think it was really good for both of them, not that I would wish for a repeat on the day.

Alex has pink eye
Alex has pink eye. 😦

Putting eye drops in an 18-month-old’s eyes is hard.

I want to get stronger/faster/endurance-ier* (because I wanted it to end in “er” and harder just doesn’t seem to fit) but I’m so tired of not feeling like I have time to do that. Between getting sick all the time, full-time work and toddler-care, it’s HARD to fit it all in!

I need a personal chef. Not that I have fancy or extravagant tastes… I’m just tired of meal planning, cooking, grocery shopping. Especially when it’s for a toddler who may or may not eat and a husband who may or may not be home to eat.

My head hurts right now.

Is it hump day?

Harder, Better, Faster – Daft Punk


  1. Ugh, Jill, I’m sorry you’re having such a tough time right now! Keep in mind that it won’t last forever, and feel better. I hope you can find a few minutes here and there to do some nice things for yourself.

  2. If I had a blog I’d probably be posting a similar rant. It IS hard. I feel the same way about dealing with someone being sick for what feels like months. Hope ya’ll get better soon.

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