Friday Fête

I’ve got this new little doohickey on the back of my iPhone case called a Grip V. It’s a card case (can stash credit card/ID in the pocket) but it also provides what basically amounts to a handle on my phone. If you’re a runner that likes to hold your phone in your hand while out, that would provide some extra insurance to hang on to your expensive device.

It’s also handy as a mom… I can hold on to my kid and have the strap around my hand to make sure I don’t drop my phone. And Alex actually likes it too, she carries my phone around with the strap too. Kind of a cool little thing that doesn’t really add much bulk.

Remember the present I got from Brooks a few weeks back? It contained a jacket from their new Pure Project apparel line. I like the jacket, although it’s very different from anything I usually wear for running. It’s got this trendier shorter appearance which means most of my shirts are longer than the jacket. But I’m not terribly concerned by that… it’s still cute and functional! Plus it’s got this cool little pattern woven in that’s reflective. I should take a picture of it at night with flash, huh?

This is the weirdest animal testing messages I’ve ever seen on a product. (Seen on a Montagne Jeunesse clay mask package I received from Influenster.) For some reason, it doesn’t make me feel comforted, it just made me think about adding bits of animals to stuff. Ew…

“We’re vegetarian and animals are our friends – that’s why we don’t bash bunnies or add bits of animals!”

I’m set to get my next Stitch Fix next week. Woo hoo! You can read my recap of the first one.

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