Anti Resolute 2014

Happy New Year

Soooo….. what are your resolutions? I’m not really making any right now. I am just not feeling in the mood to make dramatic (or not-so-dramatic) commitments to change in my life right now. Maybe that is a cue to make a change, but I’m not taking that cue at the moment.

Last year’s resolutions were failures not successful. Buying a new outfit each month? Nope… But I did buy more clothes and I tried to pay closer attention to my appearance, so it wasn’t a total bomb. Hanging stuff on my walls? I did no decorating. I’m just not good at that I guess! Laugh more, stress less? I most definitely did not stress less, I invented all new things to stress over. But I am pretty sure I laughed more, it’s hard not to laugh when you have a kid, they do so many great things.

I find it interesting that two years ago I wrote that it was hard to come up with resolutions because I was grumpy. That’s the same feeling I have right now.  But for some reason, 2014 feels even more… terrifying to me. It seems like changes are afoot in so many areas and they’re scaring me! Or at least making me very uncomfortable.

Perhaps I’ll feel better in a few weeks or a few months and can face making goals/plans at that point. We should all feel free to make “resolutions” at any point throughout the year anyway.


  1. To not be so grumpy. 😉 Actually, I rarely make new year’s resolutions. I think you can make a positive change in your life any time during the year. But, if I were going to make some, I’d say..organize my house, simplify, spend more quality time with my kids, exercise more (I started this goal in October and I’m regularly 2 days a week now, just need to bump it up again), visit my family in Las Vegas (!), and finish the three quilts I started this week. 🙂

  2. I’m not big on resolutions, either. Instead, I go for an early morning run and try to use the rest of the day to declutter from the holidays. The inspiration to make meaningful change can hit at any time and has a better chance of success than an artificial milestone like the New Year, at least for me.

  3. I’m not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. I feel like this is something we should be doing every day. Try and improve, set goals, set new goals once you achieve your old ones or modify your existing goals should they prove more challenging than expected. My current ongoing resolution, Stick to my training plan! Amazing that a resolution that seems so simple is at times incredibly challenging 🙂

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