Random Thoughts About Hair

I keep thinking to myself I should chop off my hair. More along the lines of this:

Jennifer Lawrence - Pixie Haircut
Image from dailymail.co.uk

as opposed to this:

Miley Cyrus Haircut
Photo from Miley’s Instagram feed

I keep thinking of the reasons that it would be good to have super short hair:

  • Not as much time to style it (I naively assume)
  • Less bothersome when running
  • Dries faster after washing

But the reasons to not get a short haircut:

  • My hubby really doesn’t like short hair.
  • It would require a lot more maintenance at the salon (meaning, I would need to go more often than once every 6 months like I do now… which would also necessitate a stylist closer to home)
  • I would probably have to color my hair, so there is a bigger difference in color between my hair and skin color.

I’m just bored with my hair. I want something new and different. But then I saw this on Pinterest:

awesome hair on HairRomance.com
This pic is from HairRomance.com and the only reason I took it is because Pinterest’s embed widget sucks. Please visit her site and give her proper kudos!

How cool is that?!

My hubby thinks it is weird too… but I think he could learn to deal with this, probably easier than he could deal with a pixie!

And if I got something like this and didn’t like it, well I could always cut  my hair back into my favorite ever haircut I’ve had as an adult, from back in 2007…

The biggest problem with this haircut was I didn’t like the way sweat accumulated at my neck while running. That is one huge benefit of a ponytail! Oh yeah… the other problem was that it required more frequent salon visits to maintain. But I loved it, the cut the AND the colors!

That may be the most daring thing I’ve done with my hair in all my 35 years of life!


  1. I keep debating on cutting my hair too. Of course watching You’ve Got Mail isn’t helping since I love Meg’s hair in this one. All I do is wear my hair in a ponytail or a bun (required for work) so short hair wouldn’t be a big deal. I will say though, short hair like Jennifer’s at the top of your blog is tough to maintain. You have to fix your hair in the morning, unless your job allows you to wear a hat. I had a cut like that and it required styling every day. But my showers were shorter and I saved on hair product. 🙂 Mike doesn’t like short hair either. Such a dilemma!!

    • I had a sneaky suspicion that actually dealing with a hair cut like Jennifer’s would be hard. Maybe the Miley one is the way to go! (Yikes)

  2. I had it like yours in the last picture for a year or so, but sadly I just have way too much hair for that. If I didn’t wash, blowdry, and iron it (with two different products) I had a head that was poufy like a pom pom. I just went shorter again recently and am seriously regretting it. I think maybe the 90s styles were what I should stick with- you know, longer, but with short angled layers all around the face.

    The upside of long hair that no one seems to know about: for running in hot weather, french braid it, loosen the braid just a little, stuff it with ice cubes, and pin the braid back up under the cubes. The cubes stay tight and insulated, and your head stays cool (if lumpy!) for a long time! I’ve even stuffed additional ice into my hair at races.

    • The wash/blowdry/flatiron/products were all things I hated about that haircut… but I did love how it looked once all that was done! LOL!

      I have NEVER EVER EVER heard of shoving ice cubs into a french braid and that seems like all kinds of brilliant. If I could ever figure out getting my own hair into a french braid!

  3. this is completely a personal bias, but i HATE pixie cuts. hate them. That doesn’t mean you won’t love them. I do love the pigtail thing you showed and I have always liked ponytails and/or french braids for running/fitness over just about every hairstyle.
    I have cut down on my hair product consumption by really only washing my scalp every other day. That’s going to use the same amount of shampoo as a short haircut (or less if you wash a short haircut every day) Even when working out I can make that work by taking my hair down immediately after a workout (and shower) and messing it up w/ a towel. Really removes the sweat and keeps me from needing a full shampoo

  4. Love the French braid ice cube idea! I’ve never heard that idea before.
    I always think I’ll cut mine short, too. But, I’m always disappointed when I do. Of course, mine is curly. I think straight hair looks good short more often than curly does.

  5. Thanks for featuring me in your post! If I can weigh in on the haircut ideas, I think the pixie would suit you (especially with the long front layers like Jennifer’s cut) but it is way more maintenance than your fave haircut. I would have a bob like that any day but my hair is too curly. Could you try a headband for running (as it’s too short for a ponytail) or go for a concave bob with longer layers at the front. That way you can still put it up in a ponytail for running.

    • Thank you for weighing in! 🙂

      When I had the bob before, I hadn’t found any headbands that I like for running. But now I’ve found a few that work, so maybe that would be a solution! I’m intrigued at the “concave bob” idea. Maybe I’ll have to start perusing photos of those to get some ideas!

  6. I just cut my hair into a bob today. Three inches off my other look. We’ll see how this goes. I did make sure my stylist left enough so I can pull it back. It’ll be a small little smoosh but it’ll work. Of course she did blow dry it and flat ironed it so we’ll see how it looks when I don’t do that since I don’t have time for that every morning. what did you decide?

    • I haven’t decided anything for certain yet! But after my work meetings tomorrow, I think I’m going to put some funny color streaks in my hair.

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