Friday Fête

On Wednesday night I was invited by TomTom to come run at our local Fleet Feet Sports here in Vegas and do a wear test of their new GPS watch. I was excited at the opportunity to get a little hands-on time with the watch. They let me pull one of their trial watches from the bag, showed me a few steps on how to make it work and I took off for a short lap around the soccer parks. (2 miles) The watch was super easy to use, the screens were very intuitive and I LOVED how lightweight it felt on my wrist. I was super shocked when I got back to the store and they gave me one of my own! I will definitely post some reviews on it when I’ve used it more. But seriously, Christmas in November!

TomTom Runner GPS

Here is a roundup of other things that have made their way onto my radar recently:

  • Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort (LVSSR) will be opening on November 29 this season and recently announced a complimentary coaching service where skiers and snowboarders can “drop-in,” ask questions and receive feedback from professional instructors for FREE. This is in addition to more traditional ski school programs.
  • Another cool thing from LVSSR is a new Ride Local card. This is for people who can’t commit to a full season pass, yet would still like to be able to get a good deal on skiing/snowboarding. Buy the card for $69 until December 7 and be entitled to 2 weeks of free skiing/boarding: December 9-15 and the last week of the season. This also locks in $49 daily lift passes available anytime during the season!
  • We all know about Turkey Trots, right? I just learned that several wildlife refuges have turkey trots with actual turkeys! (or other birds…) I know there are events in California, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and other places. Find a wildlife refuge near you to see what they’ve got happening!
  • Free shipping on books ordered from for two weeks only through November 28th using promo code N945 at checkout.
  • Zensah has a new thigh compression sleeve. I like their calf sleeves.
  • Annie’s is now making mac and cheese pizza. My kid would probably eat it!
  • The Wings for Life World Run takes place at the same time all around the world. (Yeah, that means that people in LA start at 3 AM)
  • The Las Vegas Monorail will be offering discounted tickets for this weekend’s RnR participants and spectators. Tickets must be purchased in advance online though! 25% discount
  • Kimmy Gibbler is running this weekend’s Vegas RnR.

Have a great weekend!


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