Where does your dog run/walk?

We considered getting a dog for a long time; we visited several different places where a person could acquire a pet and never found an animal that clicked with us. Then one day in the summer of 2010 a friend called me and said her neighbor had adopted a puppy and wasn’t able to keep it, did we want to come meet the pup? So we scheduled a time and drove to this woman’s house. She greeted us and said the dog was in the backyard. After getting the puppy she realized she didn’t have time to raise a puppy due to working long hours and that it wasn’t fair to the dog to stay in a crate all day. (I agreed with that conclusion!) She led us toward the door and before opening it, she said “I have to warn you, this dog is crazy.” We opened the door and this tiny little Boxer puppy came running straight toward us. The dog paused, then leaned on my leg. We were asked if we wanted to think it over, but there was no turning back. This dog was coming home with us and was meant to be my little pal. We named her Jade and she’s been a great part of our family ever since!

My Jade is a funny girl when it comes to walks. She’s a trail dog, she LOVES being out in the dirt. 

Jade on the Trails

But on sidewalks, she’s pretty particular. I live in a gated community and she really doesn’t like walking through the neighborhood, mainly because I have a lot of neighbors that leave their dogs in the backyard and they bark and whine at side gates. It agitates Jade. But the second we leave the neighborhood and are walking along the outer streets, she is fine. 

Taking a break

I had hoped that Jade would be my little running buddy, and she trudged along on many runs because she’s eager to please, but walking is really more her speed. Well, unless we’re doing wind-sprints in the dirt. Then she’s a runner, or I guess she’s more of a sprinter! But during the hot summers here in Vegas it is hard to get her out for regular exercise. She’ll go into the backyard for a little bit, but if you take her for a walk she gets tired a lot faster. Part of that is due to her shorter snout, it’s harder for her to cool herself down. Part of it is that it’s harder for any living being to function in the desert heat! So I admit, during the summer months she probably is a little more lethargic than the ideal and I let that slide.

Jade doesn’t like doing more than 2-3 miles at a time. So I use MapMyFitness to plot out routes frequently, even on streets I know. I sometimes get bored and I don’t want to do the exact same loop over and over but I want to make sure I’m within the confines of Jade’s limits!

I was excited when Purina® ProPlan® selected me to help spread the word about their partnership with MapMyFitness to encourage pet owners to get active with their dog(s). The two have worked to establish the Purina® Pro Plan® Fitness Group Page where participants can engage and interact with one another. 

They are also issuing a challenge from September 30 – November 13, for pet owners to get moving. Those who sign up are eligible to win various prizes. So I think this is the perfect opportunity to get Jade back into moving more regularly. Our temperatures here in Las Vegas are starting to be more tolerable and Jade needs to get outside!

Purina® ProPlan® has partnered with MapMyFitness and created the Purina® ProPlan® Fitness Group Page to get pet owner’s more active with their dogs.  Check out the Fitness Group page here and start getting active with your dog today!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Purina® ProPlan® . The opinions and text are all mine.

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