4 Steps to Eliminating a Cold

My husband came down with a cold last week and a couple of days after it hit me. Thursday was the pinnacle for me, but then I started the uphill climb after that. I’m not 100% better, but I’m nearly there. And yet, he’s still struggling through. Why? What have I done differently? Here are a few of the differences:

  1. Cold-EEZE: I have tweeted about this stuff so many times this year that they actually took notice and sent me a mug to get me through. (Thank you!) Kind of funny, but I have come down with a lot of colds this year and I have been taking Cold-EEZE every time I start to feel it come on. I don’t love the taste and I feel like my mouth feels drier after sucking on the lozenges, but I think they work.
  2. Smartmune: I just started taking these immune boosting tablets the day I started feeling crummy on a whim. I thought, “Well, might as well. It probably can’t hurt but it could potentially help.”
  3. Seabuck Wonders Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: I received these while I was pregnant. And like every other supplement in the world, it says “Don’t take when pregnant or nursing.” And I just finished nursing 4.5 weeks ago. They’ve been sitting in my medicine cabinet and I opened it last week and saw them, and thought… “Might as well take one more pill! I want to feel better!” So I started taking a daily dose of these too!
  4. Positive Self-Talk: Basically, I convinced myself that I don’t have time to be sick. Because seriously, if I was knockdown, stuck in my bed sick… we’d be in a world of hurt. The baby wouldn’t get baths and nobody would go comfort her when she wakes up with night terrors. So I just kept telling myself, “You’re beating this because you don’t have time for this.” I read the book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself by Lissa Rankin recently and it really resonated with me. I have long believed in the power of the mind and this just further cemented that for me.

Is there any scientific knowledge in this post? No… except for the fact that the book has “scientific proof” in the title. And none of these people asked me to include this, although I do link to Amazon for each of them. And my next cold may not respond to this in cocktail. And if you take this as gospel, just remember I’m not a doctor. And if it works for you, that’s awesome. And if it doesn’t, try finding something else. And I’m just rambling now because I feel like it!

4 Steps to Killing My Cold

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