Bestowed Box

I received a Bestowed Box in the mail recently. Bestowed is another subscription box service, but the unique approach to this one is that all of the contents are selected by registered dietitian Heather Bauer. This means that each item is in the box because it meets specific health criteria. Each box contains 5-7 items and are set to arrive on the 15th of each month. They offer a month-to-month subscription option for $19 a month, or an annual subscription for $209. Shipping is included in the price, so it’s not like there are extra fees tacked on top of that cost.

So… what’s in the box?


Let’s crack it open.


Looks promising…


Whee! What have we got!


  • Bakery On Main True Bar Coconut Cashew
    This bar was yummy, although I’d definitely recommend you like the taste and texture of coconut for this one!
  • GimMe Seaweed Snacks
    These are salty, crunchy, cheesy snacks. I liked them dumped on top of a salad for added dimension.
  • ROOTS powder
    This is a 30 calorie drink mix, that has a blend of veggies, fruits, superfood stuffs in a powdered format that can be mixed into a drink. They claim to taste better than other green drinks, but I didn’t agree. I can drink green powders, but this was hard to choke down.
  • Zico coconut water
    Coconut water is just so yummy, and so refreshing in the summer heat!
  • Artisana Acai Nut Butter
    This one is interesting, it’s a mix of nut butters with acai added to it. They have a whole line of nut butters with superfoods added… I admit, I want to try them all now!
  • Dr. Praeger‘s coupon
    I haven’t used this yet, but it’s a coupon for a free Dr. Praeger’s item. I’m excited to try one of their veggie burger options.
  • Bon App card
    This was just a little card telling you about the app Bon App. It’s a free app that lets you track your food intake. I downloaded it and played with it for a bit, but it’s not for me.
  • Herban Essentials towelettes
    These are interesting, little individually packaged towelettes with essential oils. They have relaxing, energizing, uplifting, etc. This is the sample pack so you can test each scent and see which ones work best for you.

I love boxes like this, they’re so much fun! It’s fun to find new products and companies!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. I love subscription boxes and wish more of them shipped to Canada! Sigh…for now I’m resigned to coveting via the internet and this one looks great! I will vouch for the Bakery on Main bars, they are delish!!

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