2013 Halfway Over

2013 ResolutionsThe year reached the halfway point… well, that was a few days ago. But my web host did some server migration over the past few days and they killed my website for a while. Kind of made me angry, but it’s back and seems to be working faster than ever. Anyway… back to the year being halfway over… I figured I should check in on how my resolutions were going. I had three that I was going to focus on, very different things for me and I knew they would be a challenge.

Improve the Wardrobe

I was going to buy at least one new outfit each month. Well… I’ve already failed on this one. I haven’t bought anything new for the past several months. Well, not complete outfits. I have bought some new shorts, because it’s summer and it’s super hot and I needed something to wear. And even though I bought some cute things at the beginning of the year, I’ve learned that they kind of don’t work for me in some ways. Example, loose billowy sleeves just annoy me. They get in the way when I am doing things around the house or changing a baby’s diaper. Necklines need to be careful because my daughter likes to grab onto my shirt to pull herself up, I can very easily end up exposed if the shirt is too loose.

And for the most part, I’ve fallen back into patterns that I’ve been living in since I started telecommuting: t-shirts and shorts. In fact, as I’m typing this I’m wearing shorts I bought at Old Navy last month that wash up TERRIBLY, seriously… I cannot dis-recommend them enough. Yet I keep wearing them. I’m also wearing a cute shirt from Oiselle… but it’s not exactly the classiest look in the world. I feel like a terrible frump when I pick up the baby from school when other moms are there looking all chic from their jobs.

I know I need new clothes, since I’m cycling through about the same 5 things each week and have to keep washing them because I’m out of clothes. But I honestly find shopping and creating a look very difficult. I’ll keep trying… maybe next month. It’s too hot to try looking cute right now!

Decorate the Walls

Nope… haven’t hung anything on the walls. I mean to but… well, I haven’t. Just like decorating myself is hard, I can’t decorate my home either! 🙂

Laugh More, Stress Less

Hmm…. this is two-fold. Yes, I’m laughing more. My daughter brings me so much joy and happiness. But I also stress more than ever since she’s in my life.

What if I’m doing everything wrong? How should I do X? When should I do Y? Am I right or wrong sending her to school while I work? Am I a jerk for wanting to have time to myself, since I am away from her all day while I work? What the hell am I doing?

So while I laugh every single day, I also feel like crying every single day. It’s exhausting!

I have work to do on these, that’s for sure. But I guess I still have another half of a year!


  1. My new favorite place to shop is Loft. They have cute stuff and it seems like they are always having a 40% off everything sale.

    I work in a casual office, but I still always feel frumpy. Somehow I wear jeans and look like a frump but all the straight out of college girls that work there wear jeans and look cute and trendy.

    • I hate that feeling! And I just went to Loft yesterday! After my post I decided I needed to get something, so I bought a couple shirts! They had 60% off shorts, crops, tanks & tees!

  2. So I should stock up on those ON shorts and bring them to Ragnar? 😉 They do look cute though, too bad they just suck!

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