Mission Enduracool New Products

Mission Athletecare sent me a box of Enduracool products to try. They’ve been expanding their Enduracool lineup. No longer just a towel, now there are other options… like sleeves and skull caps!

Enduracool Products

I was super excited to try out the sleeves. I opened the package, wet them and snapped them to activate the cooling. Then I pulled them on… not gonna lie, it’s a little weird to pull wet sleeves on! But the cooling effect was AMAZING. In fact, they almost seemed like they would be a little too cold. I set out on my run, it was nearly 8 AM and was in the mid-80’s… and the cooling sensation felt so good, I was really excited. But after about 30 minutes, they were totally dry and then I was just wearing sleeves in high-80 degree temps. They did provide good sun protection though, the sleeves have a UPF 45 sun protection rating. They didn’t contribute to any overheating, just the cooling didn’t last as long as I hoped. I think that probably has something to do with the fact that I live in Las Vegas… Nevada is the driest state in the country!

Enduracool Sleeves
Blurry bathroom mirror shot of the sleeves!

I’m not going to wear a skull cap, but my husband has been wearing those while working in the garage to keep sweat from dripping in his eyes. He put the cap on and it fit awkwardly, giving him a little strange point at the top of his head. Maybe his head is just small! But the cooling effect on this works similar to the sleeves.

After a run, especially in the summers, I usually end up very red faced and have a hard time cooling my body down. Enduracool towels came in handy; wet it down, snap it and drape it on the neck and pat it on the face while doing some cooldown stretching!

I couldn’t help but think about the benefits the towels could have from a coaching perspective. I used to coach Team Challenge and having a towel that instantly cools to 30° F below average body temp would be handy. If you have an athlete that overheats, Enduracool towels would be great to have on hand. Wet it, shake it and instant cooling.

They also have a cooling headband, which kind of sounds tempting to me. I’m really quite curious about how the sleeves would work somewhere that has more humidity, if they stay cool longer because they can retain moisture longer. Not that I’m in a hurry to go somewhere more humid… humidity is hard to handle!

So…. here’s your chance to give it a try. I’ve got the opportunity to give away a pair of Cooling Running Sleeves and an Enduracool Towel.

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Giveaway is open June 27 – July 2, 2013.

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And if you’d like to do a little shopping in the Mission store, I’ve got a 25% off discount code!

Simply use the code JILLWILLRUN25 at checkout!
This is valid from June 27 until July 8, 2013.
They have flat rate shipping of just $3.99 for all orders in the Continental US and they also have a sale section with some great deals on several products.


  1. After a hot run I stand in front of my open freezer! Haha. I also try to keep watermelon in the fridge. 🙂

  2. I’d love to try this as I live in Louisiana, and the heat and humidity are usually unbearable. I end up looking like a beet during my run!

  3. I’m a huge Mission AthleteCare fan. I have the smaller version of the cooling towel from last year but my daughter took it and it lives in her cross country bag. I also use their 5 hour Anti Chafe stick, the sunscreen both spray and lotion, lip balm, muscle rehab, foot rehab, etc. Probably more stuff but that’s what immediately comes to mind. I’d love to try the sleeves. I think if you had access to a fountain or waterbottle, then maybe they might stay cool longer? Just a thought.

  4. I live in Puerto Rico, most of my runs year round are at over 80F. Last MAy I completed a marathon at over 90F! I cooloff with cold almond milk with chia seeds and a long cold shower.

  5. I cool down by continuing to run in place and slowing down gradually. I also poor water on my head, neck, chest and forearms.

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