And…. she’s down!

Everybody applaud…. today marks the first time I’ve put the baby down for a nap in her bed successfully in months. On the weekdays, she takes two 30-minute naps for her teachers and on weekends… well, the only way I could get her to nap was to strap her into the Ergo I love the Ergo… but it gets a bit warm, I can’t sit down with her in it because she wakes up, I can’t do REAL chores around the house because she wakes up… so I end up Swiffering the floors and wiping countertops a lot while I’m wearing her.

But she took a nap! And I was able to do something that I read about in Deliberate Life magazine. (Deliberate Life is an iPad magazine… it’s beautiful. No ads, all about healthy/balanced living… but not “lose weight” messages. I really enjoyed browsing through it while feeding the baby in her calmer moments.)

Deliberate Life magazine

In the article about some natural cleaning, I tried using baking soda & lemon to clean my kitchen sink. There are some spots in there that have been visible since we moved into this house… and they’re gone! It does seem a bit wasteful of a lemon, but perhaps doing this technique once a month would be wise.

Deliberate Life - natural cleaning page

There was also a cool little feature about light bulbs. We are using more energy efficient bulbs in our house, preferably LED… but sometimes I get confused on the lumens/watts/etc. meanings. They’re different from the traditional incandescent bulbs. This helped!


Looking for something to read? Download Deliberate Life?

Had kids? How do you get babies to take naps?

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