Weekend Planning?

So, do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I’m supposed to be doing a trail race on Saturday morning.

Ride The Wind

My hubby has come down with (yet another) cold though, so we’ll see if I can actually go. It’s been a rough year for him, it seems like he’s had about 8000 colds this year and a few different stomach viruses.

Beyond that, my weekend will probably consist of the same-old-same-old; doing laundry, cleaning stuff, making menus for the week, going grocery shopping, making baby food puree… It’s weird that we look forward to weekends all week, but then spend it all doing a different kind of work. I don’t sleep in, I don’t spend much time outside during the summer, I don’t get to go to movies ever anymore… life is weird as you grow up. There’s gotta be a way to balance being a responsible adult and still having fun without working yourself into an early grave for a job, right?

Perhaps I’ll try to do a modification of this workout that I received from Tribesports:

Tribesports Parkour workout

This thing looks seriously tough. For example, I might be able to do a dead hang, but I couldn’t follow it up with pull-ups. Or I could hold the push-up position plank, but I doubt that I’d be able to follow it up with push-ups. But I’m sure I can do the chair hold and squats… my glutes are strong! What do you think, can you do this workout?

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: A favorite photo of yourself and why

2013 Zion Half Marathon - Alex and Mommy

Do I really need to explain why this is a favorite? I just find everything about this picture magical. I can’t look at it and find anything wrong with myself. All I see is love and happiness and accomplishment. I see beautiful red rocks in the background. I see a race environment. I see my sweet baby girl, obviously happy to see me. It’s just a rockin’ photo.

Blog Every Day In May

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