Race Report: Mums on the Run 5K

This morning I ran the Mums on the Run 5K, my first race with Alex in the stroller! I woke up at 6 AM when my alarm went off, and I was thoroughly confused for a moment about why I was waking up. “Is it a weekday? What’s going on? Why is it so light outside?”

I quickly ate a Larabar while getting dressed and lathering on sunblock. Around 6:30 I heard the baby waking up, so I went into her room to feed her, get her dressed and covered in sunblock. We loaded the BOB into the car and left the house about 7:15.

Alex started to cry in the car on the way there, which made me worry a little. But when I got her situated in the BOB, she was fine. She was very quiet and observant the whole morning, few smiles… just taking everything in.

Baby in Sunglasses
She pulled the sunglasses off about 5 minutes after I put them on her. She much prefers chewing on Daddy’s sunglasses over wearing her own.

Before the race started, they had raffles; they had a pot of general raffles for all participants and then some mom-specific ones. My bib number was drawn in the mom-specific raffle for a bottle of wine. But that wouldn’t get much use in my household, so I told them to re-draw for that prize. The next prize was a massage certificate. They should have just given me that, right? 😉

The race went well, it was at a park and was two laps around a water retention basin. I was originally registered for the 10K but decided to drop to the 5K since this was my first time taking the stroller to a race. I’m really glad I did that because it was warm, I was concerned about Alex out there. But she was good and even babbled a little in the stroller while we ran.

After Mums on the Run

All finishers got a mug.

Mums on the Run mug 2013

Moms also got a candle.

candle for moms

We hung out for a while to chat with friends and consume doughnuts from Pinkbox!

Post Mums on the Run

Pinkbox doughnut
Chocolate cake doughnut with cocoa krispies!

We hung out for the awards ceremony, I was thinking I would get in a picture with Charlene but I was starting to push the limits of Alex’s tolerance. We were fast approaching her next feeding time and it was really warm out. So we bailed almost immediately after the awards. No… I didn’t win anything! 🙂 Wasn’t expecting to, but it is a little bit of a bummer when someone asks you specifically what ribbon you got and you have to say “I didn’t.” I was happy with my performance pushing a stroller without my watch up until that question!

Addendum: I found out later in the evening that I was 4th in my AG with a time of 29:08. I’m happy with that!

Tech shirts were given to all participants with a cute little koala bear illustration.

Mums on the run shirt

I enjoyed the race and hope to do it each year. However, I don’t think I’m going to be doing another race with the stroller for a while. It’s just getting warmer now. Alex was so uncomfortable and she cried the whole drive home. She was hungry, hot and tired. I’m glad my husband was at home waiting for us so he could feed her some applesauce while I rinsed off in the shower really quickly before nursing her.

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time of your life…)

I miss the carefree nature of my husband’s and my relationship post-college. We were dating at this time, but we went to movies frequently, late late showings that we couldn’t stay awake for now (nor would we have child care for them.) the last movie we went to was so long ago! Plus this was before the era of smartphones, so when we went out to eat we actually spoke to each other instead of playing Angry Birds or checking-in at locations or reading our email. As much as I love my iPhone, I do feel that in some ways the smartphones have made for a decline in human connections. I miss feeling like someone is paying attention to me and like I’m paying attention to someone else. We’re both too distracted now.

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  1. Props for pushing a stroller during the race. You deserve a ribbon just for that! I agree on the smartphone note – too many distractions now. I only got an iPhone for this job, try not to become consumed by it too much.

    • I found out that I was 4th in my age group too… just one off getting a ribbon! Oh well, I feel pretty tough for pushing the stroller in 80+ degrees!

      I might need to set my “Do Not Disturb” settings on the iPhone earlier in the evening!

  2. You guys need to invite friends over for games, cards or ice cream. Anything. Get off the computers! LOL.

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