Embrace the Discomfort?

Today’s #BlogEveryDayInMay prompt: Things that make you uncomfortable

I’m assuming this means beyond breastfeeding in public* and high heels?

Saying no makes me uncomfortable. I constantly feel like I have to be pleasing everyone around me, even at the expense of my own sanity. Saying no is a skill, one that I’m working on improving. I can’t do everything for everyone, even though for some reason my heart and brain would sure like to try. And then I end up stressed out and miserable.

Eating sweets makes me uncomfortable. Oh… don’t get me wrong, I love them. But there’s still the eating disordered tendency in my mind to micro-analyze everything I eat and judge it. I’m actually able to eat them now, but it still makes me a little unsure.

Staying in other people’s homes makes me uncomfortable. I’d rather stay in a hotel than crash at someone’s house, even if they’re a relative. Just because I never feel truly comfortable, like I’m constantly worrying about following the rules and/or etiquette of their home. And if I have to sleep on their floor, I’m even more uncomfortable!

Asking for help makes me uncomfortable. Whether it’s something pretty insignificant like “Hey hon, can you open this jar for me?” to “I am miserable and sad with my life and I need help.”, both are pretty hard for me to do. I was raised to be independent, and I think somehow I took it to an extreme.

* I’m referring to breastfeeding myself**, not anyone else who chooses to BF in public. Just in case there’s someone who feels the need to yell at me for that statement.

** Okay, and when I say “breastfeeding myself” I’m obviously not feeding myself… I mean that I would be feeding my child in public. Sheesh… disclaimers disclaimers disclaimers!

Blog Every Day In May


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