Week in Re/Preview

I haven’t been logging my mileage on dailymile lately, just because I don’t want pressure. I know it’s all pressure that I put on myself to “perform”, but I think that just taking time to run for personal enjoyment is essential. I must say, not worrying about training for any longer distance races since I did the Zion half has been really good for me physically. My milk supply has rebounded and I no longer feel so wiped out and starving all the time.

Run in my Saucony Virrata - 74 degrees
Run in my Saucony Virrata – I’m really impressed with these shoes so far!

So there you go… run for simple enjoyment from time to time!

It started heating up here in Vegas this week, which kind of makes me curious how I’m going to run for the next several months. Here are my conundrums:

  • I loathe running on the treadmill. If I have to do it occasionally, I will… but it’s not going to make up the bulk of my running time because it has the opposite effect of stress relief.
  • Normally in the hot summer months, I would run at 4:30 AM. But I can’t just get up and go for an early morning run without emptying out the chest. I know I could pump (people have told me this quite forcefully – “Just pump!”), but I don’t want to create more dirty bottles than we already have… and I prefer feeding my baby directly from the source. Just as so many others have told me, she’s only little for so long and I don’t have this time forever. So I’m going to feed her myself first thing in the morning. By the time I do that, get her food together for school and entertain her while Kevin gets ready for work, I’m already late for work and the day is heating up!

The past few days when I’ve run around 9:30, it’s already been in the 70’s. I know I’ll adapt more as I spend time in the heat, but I definitely felt that heat this week! Gotta figure my scheduling out!

Ran with the baby, then immediately swapped her out for a run with the dog in 75 degrees
On Sunday I ran with the baby/stroller, then immediately swapped her out for a run with the dog!

I have so many people offering to send me things to review, and I am super grateful for that. I love love LOVE playing with new tech/gadgets/gear. However, it sometimes adds to my stress levels as I have tasks and duties to complete but to do those would cut into my time taking care of my daughter, spending time with my husband and doing my full-time job… the one that actually pays me a salary, retirement, insurance, etc.

So for everyone that has sent me stuff, I’m rolling around to them… I swear! And thank you!

Sometimes being a grown-up is a pain in the rear!


  1. I love that you are finding your balance and putting your family first even when everyone else wants to tell you what is best! What app are you using for these cool shots with the temp?

  2. If I ever start to think of excuses not to run I am going to come back here and re-read this post. It is a great reminder that us men have things easy.
    Mind you, I seem to remember it was pretty common for both of us to be up at 4:30 with our kids. Luckily that is now a distant memory.
    And yes, this time doesn’t last long.
    Thanks for the motivation.

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