Does your pet beg for your food? Well, here’s an option that you can actually share with your pet with confidence because it’s actually designed to be shared. Mudd + Wyeth has worked with a veterinarian to develop the YaffBar that is easy to pack and carry out on the trails to fuel both you and your furry friend!

Yaff Bars

Yes… you may chuckle. It is kind of a funny concept. But it’s also smart. Pets need to refuel too. But when I run on the trails with #JadeTheBoxer, I carry water for her and we have designated treats that are her “run treats”. Why not combine the two!

The bars all have around 240 calories, have a nice simple ingredient list, 4-5 g. fiber and 5-6 g. protein. They come in three flavors: Blueberry Carob, Honey Almond Cranberry and Banana Peanut Butter.

Yaff Bars back of packages

The bars are super yummy! I think my favorite was the Honey Almond Cranberry, although I had assumed the Banana Peanut Butter would be my favorite!

Yaff Bar unwrapped

And of course, I couldn’t just sample them myself, I had to share them with the dog, right? Jade took her responsibility very seriously, making sure to inhale them with enough time to properly taste the nuances of all the ingredients in a way that only a dog knows how!

Mudd + Wyeth also makes reflective gear for your dog, toys and clothing to show you are a fan of the canine!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


  1. I was confused for a minute, but from what I can see the bars are made with almost all-natural ingredients therefore why not share with the dog, they love chewy goodies too! 🙂

    • Yeah, they’re made with good, wholesome ingredients, but also ones that are dog-safe. For example: did you know that dogs aren’t supposed to eat raisins? So these bars don’t contain raisins. (Dogs can’t eat onions either, but I think I would avoid snack bars made from onions in general!)

      • Haha yes, onions I would definitely avoid if it were an ingredient in a snack bar. But I wasn’t aware of raisins. But I must say my dogs were gluttonous, so they really had no boundaries of what they ingested.

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