Not Failing, but…

A friend recently asked me how I do it all… and the truth is, I’m not “doing it all”. Yes, I am working full-time, I write for two blogs (this one and The RUNiverse), I do a few websites on the side for various local businesses, I’m a wife, a mom, I run… but I’m not doing them the way I would like to be doing them. In reality, I feel like even though I have been an ‘A’ student my whole life, right now I’m operating in ‘C’ or ‘D’ student mode.

C grade on a paper
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Not quite failing, just getting by.

I feel scattered and disorganized at work. My house is not as clean as I would like it to be. Healthy meals are made, but they’re not always the tastiest or most satisfying. The baby only gets a few hours of time with me each day and I am usually trying to write a blog post here and there while playing with her. I have things I am obligated to write about here on my site because people have been kind and generous enough to send me products, yet I’m falling behind.

I think I’m firmly in the camp of “women can’t have it all.” (If you get the chance, read that article and let me know your thoughts. I wish more of the world could embrace the ROWE concept – Results-Only Work Environment. I feel like I do a lot for my job, yet there is a good chunk of time where I would be more productive at LIFE if I didn’t have to be planted in my desk chair waiting for people to decide they’re having a pseudo-emergency.) It would be glorious if I could work a 30-hour work-week, preferably while maintaining my same salary.

In addition to all of the crap stuff life I have get to do, there are things that I want to do. I need to update my life list, but some of these things aren’t even big “bucket list” items; they’re simpler, like… find the time to make my own swiffer cloths.

So help me out, I have some books to read/review. Let me know which one you’d like to hear about next:


  1. Hang in there, Jill! I wonder if there is something you can ask for or pay for to help you get the things that you need to make you feel happier?

    As for the books, Running with the Kenyans or Anatomy for Runners interests me.

    • Yeah… I need to hire a cleaning company to come in every so often. I think I can maintain things a little day-to-day, but it would be nice to have someone come do a really thorough job regularly!

  2. Anatomy for Runners definitely interests me!

    I feel you- I am single and don’t have a child and I am constantly overwhelmed with life. And with the idea that I am my age and I am single and don’t have a child.

    • I just saw this on Pinterest and it made me think of this comment you left:

      Plus, since you’re single and childless, it’s easier for you to attend those awesome barre classes you’ve been doing! 😉

  3. I hear you on that. A lot of my friends can’t understand how I do it all; work, clean, cook, go to school, blogging, spend time with my boyfriend and family, workout. But I’m honestly not giving 100% to any of these like I’d like to. I always pile so much on my plate because I hate being bored, but what good does it do if I’m not giving my all to everything I do.

  4. Not to be bossy, but maybe cut yourself a break! In Canada we do get a year’s maternity break and I can’t imagine having to work that first year! I can promise it does get better after the first year – so put aside some goals like clean house and homemade swifter cloths for a few more months. My “babies” are 12 and 9 now but all moms remember how difficult those first years are. My favourite expression that I hung on to when my second child was young is ‘with children, the days are long but the years are short’ and it really is true. Good luck!

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