A Year is Closing

What a weird year… at least for me. Last year at this time I was supposed to run the Resolution Run on New Years’ Eve and felt too crummy. I was little over a month along in my pregnancy and just felt shredded. It was actually the first time I told a friend about my pregnancy, just a brief explanation of why I felt so bad and couldn’t run.

Resolution Run

And now, it’s a year later and I’m gearing up to run that same race tonight and am having a really hard time motivating myself. This time it’s because I have lingering side effects from a cold the baby gave me (that she picked up at daycare) and I’m tired because she has decided to stop sleeping through the night and now wakes up wanting to be fed. Plus I feel guilty leaving the baby with my husband. I know, it took two of us to bring her into this world and it will take two of us to parent her, but for some reason I feel guilty if she cries for him. I have thoughts on this whole subject that I will blog about soon.

I gained weight to support a pregnancy and I lost the weight by having a baby. That’s my secret. People have been asking me “What have you done to lose the weight?” I had a baby. That’s it. I mean, I did start walking pretty quickly after and started to run as soon as I was cleared to, but it’s not anything hardcore and my mileage is WAY WAY WAY lower than it was just one year and 2 months ago. I eat way too much sugar right now because I’m always hungry and it’s easy to grab. I’m not a “success story”, I’m just doing what my body seems to want to do automatically. So don’t compare yourself to others. I’m prone to do this, especially with post-baby body and other bloggers who meticulously log their body stats, but this time in my life has just reminded me that there is a hefty dose of individual genetic code at play in how our bodies work.

I’ll be back later in the week with recaps of my races and thoughts on moving forward to the new year. But I just wanted to say I hope all of you have a wonderful New Years’ Eve and welcome in the new year however feels best to you!

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