Morning Cocktail

Join me for a morning cocktail?

Get a tablespoon.


Get a cup. It helps if you use an old plastic santa cup that you bought circa 1999 while living in your first post-college apartment at an after Christmas sale. (Set of 6 for 50 cents!)

Santa Cup

Get some green powder. I like the stuff from Swanson’s Vitamins. It’s good quality and it’s affordable!

Swanson's Green Max Powder

Get some apple cider vinegar. Not the cheapo regular grocery store kind, you want a good organic one that has “the mother” – aka naturally occurring enzymes that haven’t been destroyed by pasteurization. These help with pH balance, aids digestion, provides potassium, helps relieve muscle pain, improves immunity, etc.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

Put one tablespoon green powder in the cup.

Green Powder in cup

Measure out one tablespoon of vinegar. Make sure to shake up the bottle first to get “the mother” distributed throughout.

Vinegar in tablespoon

Dump the vinegar on top of the green powder.

Vinegar on green powder

Add water, about 6-8 ounces of water should do the trick.

Water in cup with green powder

Stir it up, make sure to scrape the bottom so you don’t end up with thick green sludge left.

Stirring the green drink

Chug your concoction. No… it doesn’t taste good. The first few times are the hardest, it does get easier over time.

Empty cup after green drink

I found that the apple cider vinegar and green powder helped a lot with heartburn during pregnancy. And there’s something about this that just feels very cleansing and virtuous about drinking this. In fact, I believe in the importance of this enough to even make my first ever guide on SnapGuide about the subject! Cause I’m a dork like that!

Check out How to Make a Morning pH Neutralizer Drink by Jill Whitaker on Snapguide.


  1. Thanks for the reminder to take MY green drink today! I’ve never done the vinegar with it, but that’s a great idea. I put in a little grape juice with the water and it tastes fine. How does the Swanson compare to Green Vibrance, if you’ve had it? That’s what I use now but I’d try something that costs less if it’s about the same.

    • Laressa I’ve never tried the Green Vibrance powder, but the SwansonVitamins  brand is about half the price from what I’ve seen. The nutritionals seem similar, but they have a slightly different ingredient base. But I found they have a fruit/vegetable powder too with lots of good stuff in it that I may need to try!

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