A Coaching Dilemma

Coaching at the Napa 2 Sonoma Race in 2010
2010 Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon

I’ve been asked to come back and coach another season of Team Challenge.

I WANT to coach another season of Team Challenge.

I had to turn it down.

I just can’t figure out how it would fit into my new life as a mom.

Pros of Coaching:

  • It gives me socialization time where I get to see other human beings.
  • I would get to go with the team to Chicago, somewhere new to run!
  • I get to coach and build connections with others
My co-coach Jimmy G. and me at the 2010 Napa to Sonoma Half
The coaches
Coaches at the 2011 RnR Las Vegas Half: Me, Deb and Jimmy E.

Cons of Coaching:

  • Recruiting meetings would start in February. I wouldn’t have anyone to watch Alex during those.
  • Practices would be on Saturday mornings. Again, nobody to watch Alex.
  • I’m away from the baby all day long while I work, I don’t want to have to be away from her too much.

My husband is a CPA with a big accounting firm. No, he doesn’t do taxes, he’s an auditor. But he still has an extremely busy work season that extends from January until May. He works ridiculously long hours during this time and every Saturday he has to work at the office. As sad as it may seem, the past 7 years whenever I’ve felt lonely and frustrated during this time I have had to chant to myself, “Live like you’re single.” Now it’s going to be “Live like you’re a single parent.” It sucks, but it is what it is. #iiwii (And I’m really grateful that my husband works so hard for our family. It’s just a crummy time of year to be married to an accountant.)

Since I couldn’t figure out how to make it work, I had to turn down the coaching opportunity. Perhaps I’ll be able to do future seasons when Alex isn’t as reliant on me for her food source. (I mean, I’ll still be BUYING her food, obviously… but my body won’t have to actually create it and dispense it.)

But this doesn’t mean that I’m any less sad about the decision. It’s hard…

In the meantime… look at this creepy ad I received in the mail from Kohl’s.

Creepy ad

It looks way too photoshopped and unnatural. Or as was stated on Twitter, like something from a Tim Burton flick.


  1. Aw that’s too bad that you can’t coach again (on a slightly related note, there seems to be a lot of runners named Jimmy). That ad reminds me of the latest Tron flick for whatever reason.

    • theudg2010 I have had two co-coaches named Jimmy AND I have two other running friends named Jim. My husband can hardly keep them all straight!
      Tron flick… that’s awesome. It’s gotta be some kind of sci-fi type thing, because it’s certainly not real world!

  2. My husband and I are BOTH CPAs. I was in tax, he in audit. We have both since LEFT public accounting, which worked out for me very well (hours 8-5 with an hour lunch in there as needed!) and not so much for him. (he works as many hours and it is not just limited to busy season. ALL seasons are busy season!) So I get that. Best of luck!

    • Emily Nickles Ugh… I don’t know how you deal with BOTH of you doing that. Public accounting seems like it’s gotta be one of the most stressful industries out there. Not only for the worker, but for their family too!

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