The Fit It

I recently learned about a new site called The Fit It, it’s kind of like a Pinterest for fitness items.

The Fit It screenshot

To be honest, I’m a bit leery about the site concept with the abundance of thinspiration material out there. And ironically, the line between thinspiration and fitspiration is being blurred all the time. Something created to encourage ED sufferers to keep battling their bodies gets picked up by someone else thinking it is an innocent call to get in shape. Then it gets passed around, causing more and more people to question or hate their bodies. It’s a scary cycle!

I was told that The Fit It will be a positive community, but I do see examples of messages I’m not entirely happy with showing up. Example: in this screenshot there is an image about exercising to look good naked. Hopefully the person (or people, no judgement!) you get naked with have a healthy respect for you as an individual. Longer life, healthier insides and less disease-risk are more motivating to me than how I look naked!

I did sign up and have started to poke around the site. You can follow me on there, I haven’t done much with it yet!

What are your thoughts on The Fit It?


  1. just what i don’t need, another distraction! LOL. i’d certainly procrastinate many minutes here “getting motivated” to workout / eat healthy and then probably make cookies ūüėČ

    • @lindsay¬†LOL! That’s so true… I find it incredibly ironic when people have obviously gone on a Pinterest tear and they have about 20 recent pins for exercise and about 20 for decadent dessert items.

  2. Its an absolutely horrible website…can’t figure why it is ¬†any better than googling thinspiration. or annie .. at least on pinterest you get a variety of pictures not bombarded with basically pictures of naked women. ¬†It’s no better than porn as far as I”m concerned.

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