7 Weeks Postpartum

I promise, I won’t do these weekly postpartum updates forever. Nobody (including me) wants to see things that say something like “112 weeks postpartum” on here. Probably once I return to work it won’t be as regular!

Alex hasn’t been feeling well this week. I wish I knew exactly what was wrong with her. She just cries a lot. One day she had a stuffy nose, another day she projectile vomited all over herself/carseat/backseat of my car, another day she had ugly green poop… It makes me want to cry. Okay, it actually does make me cry. If she hurts, I hurt – and when she is wailing you can tell she is in some kind of pain. But even amongst the sad screams, I do get some happy moments out of her.

Wolf Attack!
Playing with the toy wolf, gift from Kevin’s parents.

We’ve been interviewing potential nannies/sitters this week. It kind of sucks. It’s hard to know who to leave your kid with, even if I’m “leaving” her in the other room while I work. And then there’s the issue of how to feed her during that time. I was debating just taking her, feeding her, then passing her back over to the sitter. But I’ve been cautioned that I should just pump and have the sitter feed Alex so she doesn’t get confused thinking Mommy is “home”. But I can’t hang out in my office all day long and completely avoid her… I’ll have to go to the bathroom at some point so won’t she know I’m here anyway?

First dress
Wearing a dress to interview nannies. She really wasn’t feeling well here.

My hair is falling out, a lovely side effect of pregnancy. I don’t know whether I should chop it all off into pixie cut (which my husband would hate!) or just keep it pulled back in a ponytail every day. How long is this phase supposed to last? I’m constantly picking long strands of hair off my baby and out of my dog’s mouth… no wonder you hear the horror stories about babies ending up with a strand of hair wrapped around their toes or fingers causing injuries!

I’m packing up my maternity clothes. I don’t need them anymore. Part of me wants to just donate all of them (not like I bought a ton anyway) but there is still the nagging at the back of my mind that I may have to wear them again. Let’s be clear, I have ZERO desire to ever be pregnant again and having multiple kids to take care of sounds overwhelming at this point. But I did like having a sibling and there’s the side of me that feels a little like kids need siblings.

My small maternity wardroge
Most of my pathetically small maternity wardrobe. Minus a few dresses and two shirts.

Of course, when I moved all of my regular clothes to the opposite side of the closet when I outgrew them, I threw a bunch of them away. Like I mentioned, I figured I would just treat myself to a new wardrobe after baby. All of my clothes are super old, I rarely buy new ones. But I also don’t want to buy a bunch of new things right now. I don’t think my overall body will change too much, just a tightening of the abdomen… but I’m just not emotionally ready to spend a bunch of time trying things on yet either.


  1. Get your thyroid tested!! If your hair is falling out, you may have an out-of-whack thyroid!! That is serious. It’s also common. Easily fixed!

      • jillwillrun IslandBoost YES!!! Creating a human does huge things to you! Get it tested. I have hypothyroidism too. Do it stat. Pretty important.

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