Healthy Surprise Box

Monthly subscription boxes continue to be very popular. Some are duds and some are pretty awesome. I’m going to put the Healthy Surprise box into the “pretty awesome” category.

It arrived in the mail and my hubby opened the top, glanced at the contents and said, “I’m keeping this one.”

Healthy Surprise box contents

This box contained:

Several of these packages had multiple servings in them too!

In addition to the abundance of treats in the box, the entire box is fun. It’s got cute messages printed on the outside.

Healthy Surprise box: Deliver this Awesomeness too

Healthy Surprise box

There are three different price points for the box, depending on how many people in your household you are hoping to feed with the box. The lowest is $33 and the highest is $99 each month.

As I sample treats from this box, I will tweet/Facebook/Instagram them and my Livefyre comments system will pull those conversations into this post. In case you didn’t notice, I did reinstall Livefyre on the site. The main reason that I did this was to be able to integrate conversations from Twitter and Facebook into this site. It’s got such cool potential.

As of this posting, when you click to post a comment, it opens a new window for you to either enter your contact info or to authenticate with a variety of social media systems. So if you have pop-ups blocked, you may not see the window so please consider enabling pop-ups. They’re trying to update that so it’s more inline. Also, you do not need to create a Livefyre account, you can post as a guest or use one of the multiple accounts you probably already have!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.


    • gibtown Those bags in the back are all multiple servings too. So if I figure there are about 21 servings of things in the box, it breaks down to about $.63 per serving? Not bad…

  1. ThunderbirdBar The bar in my box was an apricot base with almond butter, pea protein, quinoa… I like the ingredients list. The texture was a little chewy, but that’s due to the fact that dried apricots are usually that way. It wasn’t very sweet or flavorful, just kind of “okay.” I checked out and the variety of bars they have all sound kind of intriguing though. I like the idea of some being date based, prune based, apricot based, etc. And some have Hawaiian black sea salt which REALLY interests me, I bought some of that on my
    Instagram Pic:

  2. HomeFreeTreats The HomeFree chocolate chip cookies were about the same texture and size as those McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies. The difference being that they’re gluten-, soy-, dairy-, nut-free. They actually made me a little nostalgic because as a kid I really liked those McDonald’s cookies!

  3. ThatsItFruit The box came with two of these bars, one Apples + Apricots and the other Apples + Mango, that’s literally the only ingredients in the bar, two fruits for 100 calories and 3 grams of fiber. They would be very convenient to keep stashed in a bag or car for emergency snacking. They also have a pear and cherry flavor (all have a base of apples). They’re sold in Whole Foods and via the web, they have a monthly subscription option that reduces the price of the bars some. But they’re still kind of expensive for what they are. Target sells a similar type bar under their Archer Farms label that’s a lot cheaper. True, the Target version has some preservatives in the form of Vitamin C, but that’s not too concerning to me. Plus the little bit of lemon juice added to the Target bars takes a slight bitter edge off the straight fruit. (If you’re a supertaster, the bitter notes can be stronger.)

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