Honest Tea

Recently I was sent a bunch of flavors of Honest Tea and Honest Ade to sample.

Honest Tea beverage lineup

My hubby said he had to sample them because he’s seen Honest Tea mentioned in his Men’s Health magazine so much. So we sat down and had a taste test.

As expected, my husband really did not like the teas… because he is not a tea fan. I guess he was hoping for something miraculously different. I liked the teas, my favorite was probably the Half & Half though, tea with lemonade. The green tea that gets all the raves was probably my least favorite of the lineup, but I still thought it was good. The teas are 70-100 calories for the entire bottle.

(Pet peeve: drinks that come in bottles like this yet say they are 2.5 or so servings. Most people do not drink it like that… so just be upfront and tell them what they’re getting from the whole bottle. Kudos to Honest for presenting the info, well… honestly!)

Honest Ade - Zero Calorie LemonadeThe Honest Ade flavors were nice, not overly sweet. Again, my husband wasn’t that big of a fan of them because he’s very conditioned to prefer sweet things. Of all of them he probably liked the lemonade one the best, which is a newer entry and their experiments with calorie-free drinks that still maintain the integrity of their products as natural and organic beverages. Truthfully, I think it was kind of my favorite too! The Orange Mango would probably be second, followed up with the Pomegranate Blue. I know pomegranates have so many health benefits, and I like the arils from the fruit, but I haven’t found a pomegranate juice that really jumps out at me as one I’d rave over. They also have a Cranberry Lemonade, a Limeade and a Super Fruit Punch I didn’t receive.

Next up we’ll be sampling the juice packs in the Honest Kids lineup. I would employ my daughter to help… but I think at 6 weeks she’s a wee young for a juice pouch! Guess she’ll just get to taste things second-hand…

Thanks Honest Tea for the drinks!
Twitter: @HonestTea
Facebook: HonestTea

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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