Week in Re/Preview

Let’s just scratch this week, okay?

dailymile - 10/1 to 10/7

I guess it’s not that bad, just not at all what I would have liked.

  • Monday: Nada
  • Tuesday: Nada
  • Wednesday: 11.25 miles cycling on the FitDesk
  • Thursday: 2.7 miles walk/run and 7.05 cycling on the FitDesk
  • Friday: Nada
  • Saturday: 1 mile with my mom, Jade The Boxer and the baby
  • Sunday: Nada

My dad was visiting the first part of the week and it was the first week my husband went back to work all week. I felt like I had to be up and around for my dad in the mornings, so I didn’t head out first thing in the mornings to get some miles.

On Thursday I did do walk/run intervals… I say walk/run because it was mostly walking. 4 minutes of walking to 1 minute of running. But it felt amazing and I was happy with that.

Friday morning I just couldn’t figure out how to get miles in that morning before my 8:30 doctor’s appointment. With feeding the baby, showering, eating, feeding, getting the flooring installer settled… adding in some miles just felt unfathomable.

Saturday morning just sucked. It was supposed to be my first postpartum run, that was cause for celebration, right?

My mom was visiting for the weekend. We hooked up Jade The Boxer, put the car seat on the BOB and headed out. It was a beautiful morning and we were in good spirits. About a half mile away from my house, Jade got under my mom’s feet and she went down, landing on her hand first. Her wrist was immediately swelling up and I felt sick when I saw the pain in her eyes. Literally, seeing her fall and that immediate pain she was in is one of the worst moments of my life. I ran home with Jade and Alexis, turned them over to my hubby, hopped in the car, picked up my mom and took her to the ER.

Sure enough, her wrist was fractured and dislocated.

mom's broken wrist

It just sucked.

Here’s where I get angry… our medical system just seems broken. My mom was in pain, lots of pain… yet everybody has to do paperwork before addressing her needs. I asked them if they could get her something for the pain and the answer was always, “Yep, I just need to fill this out, then the doctor needs to see it and fill this out and then we’ll get you an IV.” Later a guy came into the room with about 20 pages of documents for my mom to sign, before her arm has been re-set and shortly after she’d been given drugs. So they want loopy people to sign things!

I felt the same irritation at the hospital when Alexis was born. I was alone in my room with the baby. My husband had run home to take Jade out and that’s when they come in with pages of paperwork to fill out and tell me they’ll be back in 15 minutes to complete it. I was exhausted, hooked to machines and they were requesting that I fill everything out. It just seems wrong.

I’ve talked about how doctors in this country do not seem to be concerned with treating patients, more about treating problems. And the system is about trying to cover their asses instead of helping people. It’s very frustrating. (to be understated)

My mom needs to see an orthopedic doc for a final prognosis & treatment plan. She is amazingly strong. She’ll come through this. It just upset me, nobody likes to see their loved ones hurt.


  1. I am so sorry your mom got hurt.  That sucks. It scares me, because, as women those little falls can be so much more serious.  That is a good reminder to take my calcium!  Make sure you are not being too hard on yourself for not getting up early and getting your workouts in.  I think you are doing GREAT. Getting a routine is tough.  I didn’t start running until my daughter was done breastfeeding, so you are WAY ahead of the curve.  Kudos to you.

    • I know, the calcium was on my mind after this! And I appreciate the encouragement. It is a lot of change to my life that involves a whole new person. Scheduling workouts is harder. Scheduling anything is harder!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your mom. It is so hard to see parents in pain. I remember I went blueberry picking with my mom as a child and she fell and twisted her ankle. I felt so horrible seeing her in pain and trying to help her hobble back to the car. I swear I haven’t been berry picking since! I hope your mom has a quick recovery and I hope your able to get in more miles next week.

    • It’s a horrible feeling, huh? I’ve replayed the moment over and over in my mind since then, blaming myself repeatedly. I even felt a little apprehensive about running this morning, just out of that fear.

  3. Good work Jill! My coach always told me that something is better than nothing! I’m sure next week will be better!

  4. i would feel so bad too! and ugh, the medical system. *maybe* had you thrown in chest pain they would have taken her back before paperwork? probably not still… hope she is healing quick!

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