2 Weeks to D-Date

I am 38 weeks pregnant. That should sum it up, right? πŸ˜‰

At 38 weeks pregnant, I dress pretty sloppy!
Old Planet Hollywood Paris shirt from 2000, check. Target athletic shorts purchased a size larger, check.
  • Every one of my joints hurts.
  • My hands and wrists in particular are really painful. Pregnancy carpal-tunnel?
  • I’m tired of dressing like a slob, but it’s really the most comfortable approach.
  • My stomach feels stretched to the limit.
  • Baby movements hurt.
  • I feel slightly queasy and dizzy frequently.
  • Contractions throughout the day every day are tiresome.

I went to my midwife this morning, good ol’ weekly checkups. I declined the dilation check. It’s not required and isn’t that comfortable, my thoughts are, “If I am, I am. If I’m not, I’m not.” Supposedly my body will keep me updated on when things “get real.”

My fundal height throughout has always measured spot-on for the week I’m in, or even a centimeter lower. Well, today it measured a week ahead of schedule. And when my midwife was feeling my stomach she said, “Your stomach is so tight, there’s no room for baby to grow in there anymore.”

My midwife is leaving town tonight through the 13th. And she kept talking to me like someone else was going to deliver for me, “You’re going to do great no matter who helps you. I’ll make sure that everyone knows to talk to you in terms of the marathon. When I see you again…”

I’m super stressed about things at work, people keep telling me, “I can’t get that for you this week… but I’ll have it done next week, okay?” Sure… even though you told me you’d have it initially done 4-5 weeks ago!

I feel like all of this means that I will have a baby next week.

On one hand, I am SOOOOOOO ready to get this baby out of me. On the other hand, I then have to deal with the whole, “What the hell? Who gave me this baby and decided I should take care of it? Don’t they know I am not qualified?” Not to worry… we were given this book to help us figure all that stuff out! Plus the wheel of responsibility has tilted toward “Dad” doing things so far, Kevin gets the first 30 diaper changes or so based on that!

I’m intrigued to know what gender this baby is… I guess we can have either one now, we’ve come up with a list of names that we like for boys and girls. I guess a name is something you need to have fairly early on!

We still don’t have:

  • a diaper bag (I will see what I get at the hospital. I don’t know what makes a good one anyway!)
  • a breast pump (still perplexed on how high tech I should go, manual/electric or single/double)
  • a baby bath tub (I imagine I’ll need that pretty soon, but don’t know what to get)
  • a clue.


  1. Wow, so close! Ok, diaper bag, don’t stress over it. I went through 3 diaper bags and none of them were perfect. Breast pump, well if you plan on breast feeding then I say get and electric/double. I started out with a manual and my wrist hurt so bad and it just did not work for me. It is expensive but worth every penny if you are not going to do formula, in fact it will be less than what formula will cost you for the year.
    Baby bath tub, again don’t stress but do get one. Any brand will do, there is not much difference in them. A clue, well I can’t help you there. Mine are 6 and 4 and some days I feel like the most stupid person on earth.

  2. I’m with Nicole…I went through lots of diaper bags trying to find the ”right one”, you don’t have to have anything special or expensive. The hospital will give you a freebie and it will suffice if you don’t want to buy one.

    Breast pump…since you’re a working mom I recommend electric double. I love mine. My hand pump was exhausting, felt odd, and broke after a month.

    Baby bathtub: hardly ever used mine. I bathed the baby in the kitchen sink until they were about 4 months old then switched to the big tub. If you don’t want to buy one, you can have ours.

    You’ll do great. I got nervous with every baby but was always amazed that I figured it out and they have all survived my mistakes. πŸ™‚

  3. As a former working mom, I agree on the double electric pump. Saves time and effort. I used an Ameda and had no complaints.
    The only criteria I had for a diaper bag was that it had no cartoon characters or other childish stuff (I’m the one wearing it, not the baby), and lots of pockets. I hate searching for a tiny binkie or toy in a huge megabag.

  4. I agree with everyone in the diaper bag. I went through 2 of them and hated them. By accident I ended up using an old sling back pack I had during college. It’s smaller than a normal back pack, bigger than a purse. LOVED it for a diaper bag. Had so many pockets including one near my right hand so I could shift baby to left and grab car keys easily out of a zippered pocket on the strap. And it left my hands completely open to deal with baby during a diaper change and not having to worry about where to hang the bag, I just kept it on! πŸ™‚ Before baby/post college I would use it for outdoor events (fairs, races, etc) and riding on the motorcycle, so it’s not at all “themed”. Your diaper bag should be something YOU want. Your baby won’t care what it looks like. πŸ™‚

  5. You know, I used the free diaper bag I got from the hospital for Annalie at first and it was fine (a nice basic black), but I didn’t love the strap—it was too short—so I went hunting for the perfect diaper bag. Three or four diaper bags later, I decided that there’s no such thing. πŸ™‚ By that time, Annalie was a toddler and I didn’t really need to carry around much more than a diaper or two and a few wipes, so I just made sure I had a purse big enough to accommodate my stuff plus a couple diapers and wipes, and that was fine. With Elliora, I’ve never used a diaper bag. I was gifted an 8″x10″ zipper pouch embroidered with Elliora’s name after she was born, and I put diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and a small receiving blanket in that, and just used a big enough purse that I could fit the pouch in it.

    When our kids were tiny, we’d just take them in the shower with one of us, with the other person on standby to take the baby back and dry her off and lotion her up.

    Hang in there. These final days/weeks feel like they’re taking FOREVER, I know. But they will end eventually. πŸ™‚

  6. LOL – a clue πŸ™‚ I am sure you will do fine! Just remember – first-time mothers have been doing this (successfully) for centuries.

    I hope everything goes well whenever it goes! Can’t wait for the gender and name reveal!! πŸ™‚

  7. I was in labor when we decided on names. There are a ton of fashionable diaper bags that don’t look as such — it depends on how much you want to spend, as a friend spent serious bucks on a bag from Coach. Nobody really has a clue, since we figure it all out as we go.

    Have a happy labor day. πŸ™‚

  8. electronic breast feeder is the only way to go- you can multi-task and you will be exhausted and want to just rest. You don’t need a crazy diaper bag- just a cheapie will do. Same with baby bath. your belly looks so high still- doesn’t look like the baby has dropped! Nothing prepares you for your first baby- no advice, nothing- hang in there and get ready for the most amazing, life changing experience of your life- all those projects wont matter

  9. Don’t worry sweetheart! You just need to stay more relaxed. I know that having a baby, especially when you are expecting him or her any time now can be quite a stressful matter. But I remember that all that stress disappeared when I had my baby boy. It may take time to learn a few things about motherhood but you will eventually learn to be a very good and loving mom. I wish you the best of luck with your baby!

  10. Want more unsolicited advice? You know you do! πŸ˜‰

    Breast pump – I bought a pretty fancy one thinking it would be worth the money and you know what? My baby never took a bottle. Waa waaaaa. Not that I’m planning on having any more babies, but if I did, my policy would be to told off on as many pricier items as possible until the baby is there and you have some idea what it likes. I wish I had just bought a little manual pump to get started or rented an electric. That being said, something was necessary as we had latching problems at the beginning and my breasts would have fully exploded had I not had a pump. Though, if you know for sure your baby will have to use a bottle (going to daycare or something), then don’t skimp. Buy or rent a nice pump.

    Baby tub – The hospital sent us home with one! Granted it was tiny, but it did the job for a while. You could just use a bathroom sink or something for a while, so don’t stress about that one.

    Diaper bag – Also don’t stress. I didn’t get a diaper bag until my daughter was like 4 months old. I just used my purse. I think I only had to upgrade because winter was coming and I had to start carrying hats and stuff. In the end, the deciding factor when picking one was something my husband wouldn’t be horrified to be seen carrying.

    And don’t worry about the clue. None of us have them, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you just jump into mom mode even if you’ve never been around babies before.

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