Independence Day

Photo via Flickr user yorgak

Happy Independence Day (here in the U.S.)!

Get off the computer or electronic devices and spend some time with family & friends.
If it isn’t hotter than Hades where you live, get outside!
If it isn’t hotter than Hades where you live, where do you live?! 😉
Remember why we celebrate while you’re grilling stuff and hopefully not setting things ablaze with fireworks.
(Mini rant: I see no reason for people to buy their own fireworks, if you want to see them… find a public show. Too many people get drunk on the 4th; to me, drinking and fire don’t mix very well. Especially with how dry everything is right now!) 

Oh… but before you get off your computer, remember to enter the Inspired Endurance giveaway.


  1. Well I’m laid up with a weird back pain so inevitably I’m on my electronic device 😉 but last night someone was shooting off fireworks. I love fireworks (decent shows) but agree that fire-safety is important!!

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