Week in Re/Preview

Coming home from vacation was hard… we got home Sunday night, or if you want to be technical about it… Monday morning. Flying from Hawaii back to Vegas means you spend a good portion of the day traveling and you lose some hours in the process. I can only imagine how jolting that would be if you lived on the East coast!

So with the fatigue of traveling and then all the chores that seem to pile up while on vacation, I really didn’t have the energy to do much at first. But then I took Jade The Boxer out for a run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday mornings. (a 2 miler, 2 miler and 3 miler) Success!

Alarmed app screenshotI was also able to get back right into schedule of doing spurts of movement throughout my work day.  All the tips and tricks you hear about making sure you’re not sedentary during the day (walk to your co-workers desk instead of emailing/calling, schedule walking meetings, etc.) don’t really work when you telecommute. Unless I wanted to walk over 200 miles to my colleagues desk… or invite them to my house to take a walk in 100 degrees with me (something my pregnant body can’t handle).  So I’ve downloaded an app (FREE!) called  “Alarmed” and programmed in repeating alarms throughout my work day.

My alarms are titled with my instruction for that mini-break:

  • Stretch
  • Lunges
  • Biceps/Triceps
  • Stretch
  • Squats
  • Arms
  • Stretch

It’s a good way to make sure I don’t stay glued to my desk.
Update: Here’s a whole slew of “Deskercises” from The Greatist!

I have a set of prenatal workout DVDs and I realized that I never once did the 2nd trimester video. Oops! I guess I should try to do that this week. I have no idea if I am official third trimester or not since every website seems to conflict a little… so I’ll do the 2nd trimester video this week and then make the switch to the 3rd trimester video. Honestly though, when I feel up to exercise I prefer to get in a run right now, since the 1st trimester was soooooo miserable!

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