Week in Re/Preview

Jade the boxer napping
This is what Jade looks like when she's tired, trying to nap and I take her picture. She gives me the stink-eye.

Last week was an interesting week, at least in terms of working out.

  • I ran on Tuesday, felt great.
  • On Thursday, when I was going to run again there were really high winds out, so I stayed inside and did yoga.
  • I went out on Friday, initially thinking I would run… but every time I tried to run, I just felt winded/awkward/tired. So I walked 3 miles.
  • On Sunday we walked Jade The Boxer to the dog park and I felt exhausted after that. (Jade was exhausted too!)  I was gasping for breath the whole day. (I also started to feel the warmth, and a temperature of 80 degrees never used to bother me. I used to go sit in my backyard in 110 degrees because I was cold inside the house. This heat aversion is an unwelcome change.)

I think the breathing problems are due to several reasons:

  1. I have asthma
  2. Pregnancy aggravates my asthma.
  3. Allergy season is in full force
  4. I think the kid had some kind of growth spurt this week, because my belly grew and suddenly on Wednesday I could no longer wear non-maternity pants.

I don’t know what this week will hold. Not sure if it will be any running or sticking with walks… no matter what, I’m still trying to move.  My work has a wellness program (and it’s the lamest program ever, seriously… the tasks are ridiculous) that is voluntary right now, but will eventually have a bearing on our insurance costs.  I am coming up with my own tasks for the challenge, so this is what I’ve got:

  • Strength Train 1x week
  • Spend Time Outside
  • Yoga 2x week
  • run or walk 2x week

I hope I can maintain those, but if not… I will re-evaluate and re-write!


  1. This made me laugh. I remember going to visit my parents when I was pregnant with my first and I wore regular pants down and couldn’t wear them back! I had to go home with the zipper down and unbuttoned. 🙂

    • Lovely! The pants transition seriously happened overnight. Tuesday I wore normal pants, Wednesday I could do them up. Sigh… I feel ginormous and I know that’s only going to keep growing.

  2. I envy you for still trying your best to move around the house while pregnant. I used to have an active lifestyle, however, when I started this pregnancy, I can’t make myself walk some distance because I easily get tired. I try to do some walking of course, but it’s just difficult.

    I’m happy to read this post – will be sure to reevaluate myself. Perhaps, it’s just procrastination talking. Keep ’em coming!

    • It is really hard sometimes. And I’m glad you posted your comment, because sometimes I feel like so many bloggers out there are portraying themselves as super-women… like pregnancy hardly phases them. Maybe they really are, but I find it discouraging to read posts where women are saying things like “Since I pregnant I scaled my long run back to only 15 miles today.” What?! I haven’t topped 3 miles since I found out I was pregnant and all the sickness/fatigue/changing started! My formerly 25-35 mile weeks are now lucky if they hit 10 miles.

  3. I understand how you feel about being ginormous. I was working out regularly with my first and was relieved when I started looking pregnant instead of overweight. Don’t get too caught up in everyone else’s numbers…your body is your own, listen to it. My SIL who is an avid runner thought she could start running 2 weeks after a C-section and was sorely mistaken! Just do what you can do and realize that even a 3 mile walk is better than nothing!

    • I either do YogaDownload.com podcasts at home or I go to class at Northwest Yoga Studio. I used to love attending their Sunday Rise and Shine vinyasa class… but now that I’m pregnant I can’t do that one. But their Hatha basics class is suitable for pregnancy. (They also have a prenatal class, but it’s in the middle of a weekday when I’m working!)

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