Happy Holidays!

I took all of last week off work. I’m taking all of this week off work too… I must admit, I haven’t missed work yet! In fact, all of this time off has had my brain working a little on what the ideal work/life balance would be. Maybe I’ll post on that sometime, right now that whole concept is very roughly defined.

The morning of Christmas Eve I had planned to wake up and run 10 miles. I was going to see how that long run went to determine if I was signing up for a half marathon on January 7. Well, I woke up with intense pain when peeing… TMI? Well, tough. It’s life and stuff like this happens. I’m pretty sure I woke up with a UTI. Just walking from room to room in my house triggered the urge to pee and pain. I knew that running was not going to happen that day.  Also, I used that to decide that I’m not doing the race on the 7th.

Not only was I planning on a long run, I was going to count 6.2 miles of that run as my participation in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10K. Well, that didn’t happen. I guess I’m not completing that race! I’m a terrible racer this year!
(Quick Update: I did get in 2.5 miles with Jade The Boxer this evening, so at least I did something!)

I knew I wasn’t going to run on Christmas day either… All the cranberry I had been ingesting and the UTI pain relief pills were helping some, so I was able to get in a pseudo-workout playing Kinect Adventures with my hubby. (Yep, we got a Kinect for Christmas!)  I often feel guilty if I leave to go for a run when my hubby is home, like I’m supposed to be somehow entertaining him or doing some kind of household chores with him.

I’ve already started to see posts about New Year Resolutions popping up.  I’m not ready to make those yet.  I’m afraid that I’ll set myself up for disappointment.  So right now I’m living day-to-day, just seeing how I feel.  I really just want to feel less stressed and angry at the world.  My job has been taking a toll on me lately, I have a lot of racing thoughts & emotions on life and some time off is much-needed.  Although, the time off is also starting to scare me as I anticipate starting work again in a week and I start thinking about next month, next 6 months, next year, next 10 years…  I need to live in the moment more.

So, aside from the Kinect and getting some tasks done around the new house (more boxes unpacked, closet painted!)… I’ve relaxed.  We watched a bunch of holiday movies, I read a great book by Abraham Louis Clark (review to come) and hung out with my hubby and Jade The Boxer.

How were your holidays? Got any fun plans for New Years’ Eve?


  1. Hi Jill, hope you get to feeling better soon!

    It’s been such a weirdo, wonky and wacky month for so many of us. Sorry you will not be joining us for January 7th. *Charlene frowns*

    For NYE, I will be running the 10K Resolution Run. That way, I know have a good experience to end my year in Vegas.

    Be well

    • I am planning on doing the 10k at the Resolution Run. I should have just registered for one of the shorter Angel distances on Saturday before the price increase. I let my frustration at the day get the better of me. Just cause I don’t feel like doing 13.1 doesn’t mean I can’t elect to do the 10 or 5k…

      • YAY on the Resolution Run! That would be great if you decide to run the Angel 5k or 10K. I did the 5K last year, my first competitive 5K. Come on out and have some fun. You worked SO hard this past coaching season, you deserve some fun. Would love to see you out there.

  2. Oh no! You poor thing! UTIs are the worst!
    Hope you start to feeling better. I have a difficult time living in the moment as well.
    Glad you got in some relaxing in as well. I have a stack of books I’d like to get started on. Hasn’t happened yet.

  3. Oh I’m jealous. Would be great to take these weeks off from work!! Glad you’re enjoying the break and hope you had a merry Christmas!

    A kinect – fun! You better post videos of you doing the dancing game 😉

    • LOL! The first time it took pictures of us playing a game my hubby said to me, “You’d better not share these with anyone!” But I could always post pictures of just me playing! 🙂

  4. Ugh, I can’t stand UTIs. That is some of the worst pain ever 😦 But it’s good that you have some time off work, and I’m glad to hear it has helped you feel a little bit less stressed, and a bit more able to live in the moment. I’ve been working on that too, and it’s not easy!

    Hopefully this break will allow you to go back to work feeling refreshed, and maybe in a better position to make some of those work/life balance decisions that you’re thinking about.

    Happy New Year!!

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