Week in Re/Preview

Breaking down what I accomplished last week:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Ran 5 miles on my own, good breathing break from work.
  • Wednesday: Ran 3 with a friend
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Ran with the dog
  • Saturday: Ran a 5K and placed in my AG (hilariously enough)
  • Sunday: Chores chores chorse

Dahn YogaOne of the things I said I would do this past week was go to Dahn Yoga.  I have 9 more classes to redeem on that Groupon I bought, I should really go do it… the thing is, I’m having trouble convincing myself to go.

See, to me… Dahn Yoga was really weird.  I’ve done so many types of yoga (ashtanga, hatha, iyengar, etc.) and even though there are differences, I always feel the same calmness throughout me no matter the intensity of the class.  Yoga brings me more in touch with my inner self.  I was hoping for the same from Dahn Yoga and I did not get that from my first class.  Maybe if it wasn’t called “yoga” but called “tai chi mix of stuff” I wouldn’t have felt so off about it.

Things I liked:

  • I felt like I got a workout
  • I liked the tea meditation at the end.  REALLY like this.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The out-loud counting
  • The energy
  • Slipping on the floor
  • It’s expensive (even though I’m using a Groupon, the $19 per class price is a real deterrent.)

The class is done in a studio with a somewhat padded floor.  Students are supposed to wear socks in class and I just felt like I was sliding around whenever we were holding the squat-type positions.  The teacher was very loud and energetic, the complete antithesis of the zen-like instructors I’ve loved.  When class started, I was one of 3 people in class and more people filtered in throughout the hour ending with about 12 people in class.  At the beginning the teacher counted to 10 while we were doing an exercise then she stopped counting.  I realized she was looking expectantly at me, “Jill! Count now!”  Oh… okay….

So I counted to 10.  Then the other participant counted.  Then the teacher counted to 10 (I assume that’s what she was doing) in a different language this time.  Then a brief pause before I realized I was supposed to count again.  So I counted to 10.  The other participant than counted to 10 in the same foreign words the teacher used, I guess she’s a regular.  We kept going around, the 3 of us counting… me in English the others in whatever.  I considered doing one of my counts in Japanese just to be weird.
ichi… ni… san… shi… go… roku… shichi… hachi… kyuu… juu
But I stuck with my regular English counting.

As new students came into class and the teacher vibrantly called out to ask their name and then told them to count (yeah, we did a lot of counting in class.)

I am taking this week off work and I initially put a Dahn Yoga class on my calendar for each day this week… and I’ve already skipped one of them.  I went out running, that sounded infinitely more enjoyable to me.  I should really try to make it there this week, I feel like I can’t write it off completely without giving it more chances.  But it was just soooooo different and I don’t feel at home there.

So here’s my loose plan for the week.  I definitely want to sleep, get chores done around the house so we start to feel more settled in the new home, go out to do holiday things with my hubby and cuddle with my cute dog.

  • Monday: Run (Did it already… 8.2 miles!)
  • Tuesday: Dahn Yoga and Run at Fleet Feet
  • Wednesday: Maybe Dahn Yoga?
  • Thursday: Run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run
  • Sunday: Celebrate Christmas!


  1. I don’t know anything about Dahn yoga, but based on your description I think I’d feel just as uncomfortable as you did! If it’s not an activity you enjoyed, then you shouldn’t feel obligated to return. It would be one thing if you were sort of curious to go back and see if things were different/more comfortable a second time around, but don’t force yourself to go if you’re not into it. All that said, is there a different instructor you could try? Maybe that would change a lot.

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