Were These Ads for Real?

A friend sent me these in an email and I thought they were kind of hilarious, but also kind of sad.

Give someone a gun for Christmas

Television's benefits to children

Doctor's favorite cigarettes ad

Have a fag

Gay Voyage ad

Baby Beer ad

Baby Cola ad

Cocaine toothache drops ad

And then there are the ads about men vs. women roles:

Wife's wishlist ad

what wives are fo ad

Hoover Christmas

Harder the wife works ad

And then there are the weight-related ones, which kind of surprised me.  I knew that the media has reached a point that has felt like a “critical mass” to me in regard to weight and body image issues.  I guess I didn’t realized that some of these messages have been floating around for so long.

Total & Window Washing

Tapeworm weight loss ad

Lane Bryant Chubbies ad

So… have we “come a long way, baby” or not? 


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  1. Hilarious and cringe-worthy! I had no idea the tapeworm “method” of weight loss was so old. And if beer is good for the baby, why not just give it to the baby directly?

    Pretty sure that ad #4 (“Have a fag!”) is British due to the slang.

  2. As a marketing major I totally appreciate this stuff. Great post topic!

    We have come a long way…from that stuff…but there’s still plenty of ads out there that objectify women (look at Axe). You just have to take them for what they are though. It sucks that marketers do that, but their end goal is to make money, and due to human nature…men respond! They are only doing what they know WORKS.

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