Team Challenge – 2011 LVRnR #10

Group Practice #10
10 miles on the schedule
Start time: 7:00 AM
Location: Red Rock Canyon

My favorite training location of all… Red Rock Canyon! It’s stunningly beautiful out there… sometimes a few of our team members need to be reminded of the beauty though because the hills are pretty intense too!

Prior to the run/walk starting though, we had our annual “Scare the Colitis out of your Teammates” costume contest. We encourage people to dress up for Halloween (since for the LVRnR training season, we always have this run on Halloween weekend!) and then pick the top costumes to win special prizes. Most of the prizes come in the form of a donation to their fundraising!

Some of our top costumes:

Practice #10
Pirate Princess
Practice #10
Practice #10
Captain Crohn's (seen with my co-coach, aka IronJames)
Practice #10
Pregnant Michelle with her skeleton baby and Captain Crohn's wife Princess Colitis

Group picture with the mountains in the background before people stripped out of their costumes to run.

Practice #10

Yet some of our participants were hard-core and ran in their costumes!

Practice #10

It was a great time, I really hope that everyone loves the area as much as I do. Yes, it can be a bit scary because of the hills and the crazy cyclists. (Seriously, why do the cyclists have to be so mean at times? They’re flying down the hills at speeds far in excess of what the law dictates, and I always thought they were supposed to follow the same rules as vehicles on the road. Yet they are fast and some of them yell at my participants. Sheesh…)  Yet the reward is the amazing views and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from knocking it out!  We always tell them (and this is the truth) if they can do 10 miles at Red Rock, they can easily do 13 on The Strip.)

Red Rock is amazing, if you ever visit Las Vegas I highly recommend heading out to see it.  Even if you don’t run the loop, just drive it and check out the scenery!

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  1. In my experience, cyclists are quick to proclaim that they are legally entitled to use the road the same as cars but not so quick to admit that they are legally required to follow the same rules of the road as cars.

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