Power Pillowcase Giveaway

In light of yesterday’s post that prominently featured Pinterest, I’m going to giveaway something that I found and pinned on the site.

This is the Power Pillowcase:

Source: etsy.com via Jill on Pinterest

This super cute pillowcase comes from the Dailyologie shop on Etsy. I’m a goof, but I like the idea of doing what can be done to psych myself up for a big run. Often I’ll put out my clothes the night before, I’ll prep any drink/fuel that I need to take with me, put my sunblock/hair tie on the counter in the bathroom, whatever I can think of to make getting up early (in the dark now) easier… because often once I’m out the door and moving, I’m fine… it’s the intermediate steps from bed to the road that need some assistance.

And I’m just silly enough to switch out my pillowcase the night before a long run too!

However you decide to use the case to motivate you is your choice… but it’s a fun idea and I want to give one away!

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  1. I’m also a fan of putting out my clothes, shoes, Garmin, etc. the night before. Makes it harder to come up with excuses when it’s all there for you.

    • umm. well obviously not much / not successfully because i haven’t been running in the mornings haha. i guess i just try to pump myself up before bed — a positive attitude, early bedtime routine, psych myself up for a cool AM run in the dark (i love running in the quiet dark mornings).

  2. I’d love to win. Most of the time I run after work, but this would be pretty awesome to wake up to on the morning of a big race!

    Amy Lauren

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