Team Challenge – 2011 LVRnR #6

Group Practice #6
7 miles on the schedule
Start time: 6:00 AM

We started early this week… mainly because we had some pancakes to eat post-training. Applebee’s allows us to a do a team fundraiser where we sell tickets for a pancake breakfast. The tickets are $10, 50% of the cost goes directly to my team’s fundraising. Usually the team sells tickets to others in the community, as well as selling some raffle tickets for prize giveaways during the breakfast.

But before the flapjacks, the team had 7 miles to cover!

It was still dark when we were starting (sunrise isn’t until 6:30ish now, this is presenting problems for me… not in terms of Team Challenge, in terms of my own running!) It was very lightly sprinkling, but not even enough to get someone wet. And that stopped quickly, leaving us with humidity.  I don’t know how people deal with humidity regularly, but us desert dwellers can feel it if the day is even 20% humidity!  It was also about 78 degrees when we started (according to my car’s thermometer when I arrived.)  Temperatures should be changing pretty quickly soon though.

Our endurance manager wasn’t there this morning as he had a wedding out of town to attend, so I got the job of doing the weekly announcements. After reminding the team to check-in, running through the announcements and then a quick dynamic warm-up… we were off.

The course was an out-and-back. I like those, it allows everyone on the team to see each other and share words of encouragement. I started at the very back, worked my way forward and then paused at our first light crossing. Then I waited there for every group to get through. Then again, I worked my way forward to the next light and did the same thing. Once I got to the 3.5 mile turnaround I waited there for the last of the team to get there. Then I swept the course… picking up our mile markers along the way back in while walking with the last group.

It was when I got to the end that I found out one of our participants did the 7 miles in these shoes:

Worn out running shoe
Yes, you can see his toes/feet through the shoe.

Now he has finally decided he needs some new shoes. It takes some of them a while to stop wearing their “toning” shoes, their canvas slip-ons, skate shoes or whatever other odd shoes they’ve got. Sadly, it’s once they start to hurt that they finally make the leap to getting something new.

Post run/walk, the team indulged in pancakes. And a raffle. And some laughter. My co-coach Jimmy brought his Flip video camera (I want one of these) to take some video of a few participants running form. If someone has some really glaring problems, we’ve found that it helps to evaluate their form with them and find areas they can change.  Even if there aren’t big errors, it can help to fine-tune. It really does help to see yourself in motion!

Next week we have our trip out to Lake Mead for training!

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