In Need of Yoga Apparel

I have a lot of running clothing.  I tend to hang on to much of it much longer than I should.  Clothing with ugly yellowing in the arm pits and bloodstains on the front. (I always find good deals on Yoga apparel & equipment at Target and they have a variety to choose from.)

But I don’t have a ton of yoga apparel.  For a long time, while practicing at home, I wore only a sports bra and ratty pants (sometimes even pajama pants).  But I’m not comfortable going to a class environment like that.  Plus I’m realizing how shabby some of my yoga pants that I’ve had for years and years are getting.  Hems unraveling, holes in the material… it’s not pretty.

Recently New Balance sent me this lovely top with cute straps on the back that I’ve worn to yoga several times.
New Balance Tank

I really like the strappy back, but since it is a white top, I feel a little worried that there may be some see-through issues.

In certain lights, I feel like you can almost see the line where the built-in shelf bra ends and the material gets a little more transparent.
New Balance tank
It’s also very possible that I overanalyze things like that.

But due to that concern, I have worn a cheap Target sports bra with it.  I only have a few white sports bras… or so I thought.  Once I put it on with this top I realized that I have gray sports bras.  Meaning, they’re old and not even bleaching them is doing much now.
New Balance Tank

The top also has a nice big pocket on the lower back.  I don’t keep anything in that while doing yoga, but I did slip my iPhone into that while I was vacuuming the house after yoga class one day.  That was handy.

The top is made with icefil technology.  This is supposed to provide cooling benefits while also providing some UV protection.  In fact, it is “more than fabric, but science.”  I know this, because the labeling told me so.

I haven’t tried running in it, due to the aforementioned worries about feeling like an exhibitionist and I don’t really like tops with built-in bras when running, but maybe that’s when I would truly feel the cooling effect at work.  It did keep me a little cooler during yoga class than some of my other tops.  But then again, those pants that I had on are anything but cooling.  They allow me some good range of movement, but they also stay pretty warm.

So now I need to find some more pants for yoga classes.  I don’t think they have icefil pants though.  (LOL – That’s kind of a funny sentence.  It’s making me giggle, because then I think of ice-filled pants.  Speaking of ice, Jade The Boxer loves ice.  She comes running if she hears the ice dispenser on the refrigerator.  But if you give her an ice cube inside the house, you end up with puddles everywhere.  She can make that ice cube last!)

Any recommendations on yoga pants? 

New Balance sent me this top free for review. They did not give me any directions on what I said about the top, this is all my own words. I doubt they would have requested a segment on ice-filled pants anyway. Do any of you read these disclaimers?

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  1. I second the pair from Gap. I tried them on this past weekend and they are good quality. I own a pair from Target, which are nice, but I can tell the Gap ones are nicer.

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