A Busy Blip

I’ve been soooooo busy lately!  I can’t even imagine how I’ve crammed so much into these days, but I definitely know that something had to give and one of those things was blogging/tweeting/facebooking…

The nice thing is that I have been able to recognize how much clearer my head is these days.  I honestly would have mentally shut down with this much on my plate if this was just one year ago.  Feeding my brain better helps me deal with everything life throws at me!

It used to seem like I got a little bit of catchup time at various points in the year for my job, but it hasn’t felt that way at all this year.  And the past few weeks have been ramping up a lot, in addition to the copious amount of work that I have been acquiring.  For every item I check off my list, 3 or 4 more have come in.  Combine this with Team Challenge recruiting meetings for the fall season and “life” in general, I’ve been running at full speed.  (Well, except for doing any ACTUAL running… that isn’t happening yet!)

But I think I should be settling into a more manageable groove now, so I can catch up on all the things I WANT to do… and this blog is one of the things I WANT to do.  I love playing with new products and sharing that info on here, even if nobody read it… but it’s even more fun that people want to read my thoughts!  I love running and I’m looking forward to starting back into a regular running program and sharing my progress on here.

So while I start to organize myself again, Jade The Boxer wants to remind you that:
Petting Life is a marathon, not a sprint!
Enjoying the Morning

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