Be Seen! FlashBrite Reflective Patches

It often seems like technical apparel has a reflective claim on the tags, but when you look at it closely there is just one little tiny stripe of reflective material, usually in some obscure place (like behind your knee or on your hip) that probably isn’t that big of a help when it comes to highlighting your location to motorists.  And sadly, most of the time people driving cars don’t see pedestrians.

We need to take matters into our own hands.

FlashBrite adhesive patches
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Or our clothes…

I was recently sent some FlashBrite Reflective Patches to try out.  They easily affix to clothing, bags, helmets, etc.  Simply peel off the paper on the back and press it into place.  Plus they come in a variety of patterns: flowers & peace signs to skulls & flames – whatever suits your mood/attitude/personality.

They have a whole line of Halloween themed patches, so you can stick them on little kids costumes and trick-or-treat pails as well… October isn’t that far away you know!

In addition to the everyday use and the seasonal ones, they have pet-related patterns.  Now, the stick-on patches are not for sticking on your dog (they make separate doggie ankle bracelets for that) but you can decorate up your jacket or clothes while you walk your pet, or for other times just to proclaim how much you love your pet.

When it’s not nighttime, you just look like you have a silvery pattern on your clothing.

The package did say that they could be washed on your clothes through a gentle cycle.  But when I tried that, they just fell off – no more sticky.  That claim didn’t seem to be accurate for me.

So for a quick, temporary fix on clothing or for a more permanent fixture on items you don’t throw in the wash, these are a super easy product to use.

I would like to see a more permanent iron-on version for long-term use with running apparel.

And I wouldn’t recommend using that flower patch on the front of you, else they might look like pasties or nipple guards.  Unless that’s the look you’re going for… in which case I highly recommend them.

You can buy them online or at various craft & pet stores.

The FlashBrite Reflective Patches were provided to me for free, but the opinions here are my own.


  1. You just reminded me that we had these same kind of reflective patches put on our parkas when we were children. Ahhh…. the joys of growing up in Alaska! 🙂

    • Your comment about parkas made me remember when I was younger, a lot of kids were dressed up as something for Halloween, with a winter coat on top of it. “Under my coat I’m a nurse!” “I’m a skeleton under here!”

  2. I agree that putting those on the front of your shirt may not be a look that anyone would want to go for. It could make for some funny pictures though.

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