Eazy-Bandz Review

I won a giveaway on Emilie’s site for my very own headband from Eazy-Bandz.  However, when I tried to redeem my prize I encountered a little trouble with the code.  So I contacted the company, found them to be VERY nice and accommodating, making sure that I got my prize as well as a couple more headbands to wear and review. Plus some codes for a GIVEAWAY!!

And wear them, I have done.  I’ve found myself pulling them on frequently to keep my hair out of my face.  Plus my hubby told me I look cute in them, so that’s always a win!
Eazy-Bandz Headband

The headbands are very comfy, I have put them on and basically forgotten about them. They have not slid off ever, which is a problem that I always have with headbands.  (I have lost sooooo many of those bands that are supposed to “stay put” during sports.  They also don’t give me a headache from pressure behind the ears, which is an issue with bands that are horseshoe shaped.

These bands go all the way around the head, with a stretchy elastic on the underside to keep it tight.  The inside of the decorative part is backed with a velvet that makes it so they don’t slip, but also doesn’t catch or pull the hair.

They come in multiple widths: thicker and thinner bands.  I chose the zebra print thick band as my prize so I could wear it on the Napa to Sonoma course while coaching my team.  It didn’t budge at all during the day.

Finish Line

They also come in multiple sizes, so you should measure your head to make sure you get a snug fit.  I thought I could wear the adult sized one without problem, but when I tried on the tween size I found that actually fit a little snugger, making it so I didn’t even have to think about the band at all.

I have worn the headbands for travel, for hanging out on a race course, while riding a stationary bike and while doing yoga and pilates.  It has been great in all of these situations.  The only thing I haven’t had the chance to do is run in them (darn injuries!) but the way they’ve been so far, I don’t have any reason to think they will be a problem.  They didn’t move at all when I was hanging upside down in yoga postures.  I even tried headbanging in them, but had to stop because that hurts. (Seriously, how can someone do that at a concert for a long time?  Ouch…)

Eazy-Bandz Eazy-Bandz Eazy-Bandz

NOTE: Giveaway closed on August 10, 2011
Now I get to return the favor of giving away two Eazy-Bandz! Entering is simple, all you need to do is visit the Eazy-Bandz website and leave a comment telling me which headband you would chose!!  No extra hoops to jump through for the basic entry!

However, if you would like extra entries.


  1. I just found this from your Lululemon review and am always looking for info on workout stuff! I just liked both you and the headbands. How are they? Do they fall off or slide off your head when you get sweaty?

  2. I would love the bright pink with white and green polkadots. I have never found a headband that hasn’t annoyed me when running. So gave up buying them a long time ago.


  3. I like the glitter sparkle headbands (for the gym and spin class) and the flip flop one for the beach!

    I was hoping to find one in kelly green for my daughter to wear during soccer. Her soccer colors are kelly green and her hair doesn’t stay in a pony tail very well and a headband would be perfect!

    • Lisa,

      I believe we can hook you up. We currently have a green & white stripe that could work. Also, did you check out the green glitter? We’ve done several soccer teams in the various glitter materials… and they go over real well! I can also get a solid if that’s what you prefer. Contact me at admin@eazy-bandz.com so I’ve got your e-mail and I’ll send you a picture of the stripe or glitter if you’d like… I believe both are on the site too. You can also send me a picture of the uniform if you think that would help. Thanks for your interest!

      – eazy-bandz

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