Week in Re/Preview

This week definitely felt better than last… a little more balanced and a little less gung-ho in my approach to strength training!

The Review

  • Monday: NTC app (30 min. Conditioning Corps) and Tabata sprints
  • Tuesday: NTC app (30 min. Body Flexor) and 30 min. yoga
  • Wednesday: Early morning trail run with Jade The Boxer
  • Thursday: easy walk with my mom while I was in Utah for work
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 11 miles walked with Team Challenge
  • Sunday: 50 min. hatha yoga from YogaDownload

I ended this week feeling pretty good physically and a little bummed mentally (still trying to deal with the less-running thing.)  I also came to the conclusion that I’m not running at Fleet Feet for the summer.  I have absolutely zero desire to run in triple digits in the evenings there. I used to have friends that I ran with each time, and that hasn’t been the case as much.  My Team Challenge runners/walkers are still encouraged to show up there on Tuesdays to get their miles in and have a chance to interact with the coaches, but lately they haven’t been coming. (They don’t want to go out in triple digits either!)  So I think I will just show up there to see if any of them have any questions, if there are walkers there I may walk with them some… but I don’t need to run and tax my body in those conditions right now!

#JadeTheBoxer has a cute chin & her tongue hanging out.I also got up early to drive out to the open desert and run on trails with Jade The Boxer. She had a blast, I had fun and the whole experience felt relaxing.  I decided that we both need that each week! Plus, she burns up A LOT of energy on those runs, she crashes hard for the rest of the day!  (So tired, she sleeps with her tongue hanging out… which is super cute.  And her chin is super cute too with the black speckles.  Basically, my dog is super cute!)

The Preview

  • Monday: Early morning trail run with Jade The Boxer, X-Stretch in P90x with my hubby
  • Tuesday: NTC app & yoga
  • Wednesday: Early morning run on streets
  • Thursday: NTC app & Tabata sprints
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: 8 miles with Team Challenge
  • Sunday: Yoga


    • I usually acclimate to running in the heat, but this year it is slow-coming. So I decided I wasn’t going to bother! 🙂

  1. I can’t say that I blame you for wanting to avoid running in triple digit temps! It’s bad enough here in double digits 🙂

    I hope that as you start to adjust to running less, you’ll start to feel better mentally about it. It’s so hard to cut back, especially when exercise is a big part of your life. It seems like you are handling it well, though, and you’re getting in a lot of new activities, which is great!

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